Chapter 1123 Never Marry A Man Who Simps For Another Woman: A Case Study

“All I did was to back out of a decision I made, and you’re already so obnoxiously thankful for it?” Alejandro snapped. “Seriously, thanking me for something like this? Do you honestly see this as some kinda royal pardon? Despicable. You’re Melanie Smith née Lark, the princess of the Lark family. You have no reason to kowtow to anyone! And you should have fought me harder and never agreed to abandon that child.”

His words baffled Melanie, especially since he was the one who had taken both hard and soft power to make her bend to his will. “What are you saying? I… I didn’t wanna start a fight with you because of the baby. Regardless of how I wanted to be a mother, if you insist on not wanting a kid of our own, I’ll still defer to you for the sake of our future together.”

“Ha. That wasn’t your way of telling me that you’ve fallen in love with me, was it?” Alejandro jeered.

Melanie froze, finding herself hard-pressed to reply to him. The mocking tone stung her right at heart, making the
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