Chapter 1540 The Possessivity of A Woman Possessed

Arianne could not even be angry. It was a misunderstanding, after all, and one that might require a lengthy explanation at that.

In resignation, she dragged a chair and sat. “With all due respect, Aunt Shelly, methinks you’re reaching,” she began. “You’re right. My dad was an innocent victim who didn’t need to die in that plane tragedy. But the burden and pain that incident brought weighed more on Mark than it ever did me, and it would be unreasonable of me to judge him as the sinner and take him out as my revenge. And also, I call him ‘Mark’ out of deadset habit! Doesn’t mean I don’t love him.

“Frankly, you shouldn’t be making these baseless, paranoid accusations. I’ve been with him for years, Aunt Shelly. Smore’s already past his second birthday. If my intention had always been to murder him, I have had many, many chances. For goodness’s sake, he sleeps with me every night. What’s keeping me from seizing the chance the first time it presents itself? A simple slit across his neck, a
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Because this is a translated novel and it's catching up to the Chinese raws now.
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I wish Mark would fiercely defend Arianne for once
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why the chapter are getting less & lesser?

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