Chapter 1636 The Cold War On Christmas Day

Arianne herself was just as reluctant to let Shelly be near Smore, so she intuitively backed away as well.

Seeing her reaction coupled with Smore’s words was enough to trigger Shelly’s temper. “Gosh, I just love how you brainwashed your child. Taught the boy to address some random, non-blood-related woman as Granny while despising his true biological grandmother, didn’t you? Are you going to teach your son not to recognize Mark as his father next? Just as I thought, allowing you his custody was a grave mistake!”

Arianne was not in the mood to clarify, so she replied simply, “We’re here to see Henry.”

Shelly turned to Mark and bristled. “You saw what happened with your own eyes, didn’t you? She brought her son back here for a mere butler on Christmas! Isn’t this the most preposterous, asinine bull ever? Just look at how she indoctrinated her son… Tell me, how could you still think she’s beyond reproach, huh?”

Mark wrapped his arm around Arianne’s shoulders and led her away to the li
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