Chapter 1708 Mark’s Logical Leap From Age Insecurity To… Intimacy?

Arianne was quick to deny. “I was not! It’s just you acting all… weird and bizarre and everything! You keep saying you’re busy, but like… what is it that you’re busy with? If it’s not anything suspicious then there’s no problem telling me what it is, right?”

Mark’s eyes looked away as he chuckled lightly. “Oh, it shouldn’t warrant any suspicions, all right. But… it’s nothing I should tell you right now. Oh, look at the time! I should bathe. Let’s retire to sleep early! I’m beaten.”

She watched him rise and head to the bathroom, and stole a glance at the clock hanging on the wall. It was only nine… And he was “beaten” already? He slept for long hours in the day and still could not keep himself awake—how was this even normal? Nope, this was absolutely abnormal!

After his bath, Mark went straight into Arianne’s room and—proving himself clear of mendacity—plopped straight onto the bed and dozed off.

Arianne was furious, yes, but at this point, all she could do was to ball her anger up
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