Chapter 1764 Inhumane

When the doctor told them the truth about the pills, both Arianne and Sylvain were shocked. ‘Those are actually antidepressants?! Robin had been fighting against depression, but no one even found out about it while she silently took her medications!’

Sylvain’s hand trembled as he held the bottle. “I’m such an idiot… Why didn’t I know that she was sick…?”

‘Was our relationship so straining on her that she’d been suffering from depression? If I hadn’t insisted on being with her, insisted on receiving blessings for a marriage that would never end well, and had instead given up much, much sooner, would things be different? It’s all because of me! I kept on pursuing her and now I’ve ended up becoming the reason for her death!’

After leaving the hospital, Arianne had no idea what she should say at that point. ‘It all makes sense now. Robin jumped off the steeple because she was depressed.’

Sylvain remained silent the entire journey, his thoughts unknown. Although Arianne felt really bad,
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