Jojo felt like a fool.

There's been a lot going on, but watching him, with her, it took a different level of bravery to not breakdown and let herself go, right there in front of them.

He did make his stand in all this clear to her and to think that he might have been back with his ex all the time he'd been saying 'stay with me' to her.

She felt sick seeing them and she felt stupid, foolish, you name it and she felt it.

It was like she was living her life in a crazy circle.

She'd always be insecured about him falling back with her, or falling for any other women at that and he always will, fall for them because that's the man he is.

She left the room silently and slipped in to the break room when she couldn't watch them any longer.

The tears were stinging and burning her eyes, but she didn't want to cry.

She'd seen it coming and she'd gone ahead and

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