Chapter 128: A Storm of Disaster Proportions

The woman held on to her hat as she and her boyfriend fell backwards onto the deck. The crowd made a collective gasp at first, but upon seeing the couple unharmed, jeered and whistled. One of the crew was quick to help the couple get on their feet. The woman struggled to get up as she held her hat in place with one hand while holding on to her boyfriend. They walked unsteadily towards their seat in the front row amidst the jeering of the other passengers. One of the senior crew held a megaphone and asked the passengers to calm down. He then reminded everyone that staying at the bow could be very dangerous, especially during rough weather and that no passenger was allowed to stay there at any time during the trip.

The woman's friends gathered around her to console her, but she ignored them. Her boyfriend tried to console her as well and placed a reassuring arm around her shoulders, but she merely pushed his hand away.

"Looks like Kate Winslet got her share of the limeli

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