44. Tell me more

I struggled with my concentration, as I made a sketch of Thomas’s perfect features. After that, I needed to add every curve and detail that made him so hot and irresistible…or maybe he was that alluring only for me because of the way he was treating me, and the sparks he ignited with only a simple touch or intense glance in my direction.

I knew I had a huge crush on him, and he had some feelings for me. Thomas wasn’t aware of how attractive he was for me. I was ready to let go of my defenses and let him in my heart. I wasn’t going to confess anything like that, or at least I wasn’t planning on it. Just next time when he wants me as his girlfriend--I would not hesitate to show him how my feelings towards him had evolved.

Fighting my thoughts, I was making precise moves on the canvas with my right hand. My eyes were stopping on every part of his face, my breath

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