Chapter Thirty Two

It was finally the day Raven had been looking forward to. Her very first date with France. It was extremely weird whenever she remembered his status in reality, her chauffeur. She felt like an actual star from a Hollywood movie.

Although first dates tend to be the most exciting, but this one felt different. Finding the perfect dress was difficult.

She’d been on many dates, she tried not to think about them. There was always a pressure of wanting to make a good first impression, and the anxiety it causes over what to wear was mentally draining.

Raven figured that the key to pulling off the date was to wear something that’d strike a balance, polished and relaxed. Her aim was a lovely look that’s both feminine and chic. Something dressy but not uptight to send off all the right signals.

“Raven!” Came Louis’s voice, her eyes sparkled as she saw her little sister.

“You look extremely beautiful. France is gonna fall in love twice,” she commented, and Raven gave a gentle smile. “He’s here.”
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