Reclaim the Ice Crown (Blue Triangle Series #1)

Reclaim the Ice Crown (Blue Triangle Series #1)

By:  Carlos Sensei  Completed
Language: English
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Amidst the cold country of Glacia where evil and corruption continues to grow, a young swordsman named Arth, from the small village of Frostwood, wants nothing more than to help his poor village that's suffering under the hands of the nobles. On his journey, he finds himself entering a rebel guild called Forgotten Winter—a group of talented assassins who has only one goal; to eliminate the source of evil and corruption in the country—that is … to overthrow the King. But when Arth discovers the game-changing truth about him … about the King … about who the real enemy is … He has to learn how to unleash the hidden power he has within himself, because he's the only one now who can save his country from annihilation.ATTENTION: My book had been selected ... and Goodnovel will create an AUDIOBOOK from it … We're currently working on it now … so please stay tuned!

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68 Chapters
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This story is not affiliated with any institutions mentioned in the chapters. Please be advised that this story contains mature themes such as violence and strong language that are not suitable for very young audiences. Read at your own risk.   ***   A grand adventure was about to unfold to a young swordsman from a humble village called Frostwood. He had come of age. And it was his most awaited day in his whole eighteen years of existence.   Galloping on a horse was a young man named Arth. His ocean-blue eyes were gently kissed by the afternoon sun rays, making his eye color more pure and vibrant. T
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  "Attention to all competitors!" a loud voice woke Arth up from his sleep. He slowly sat up on the bed and rubbed his eyes.   "You have thirty minutes to prepare and gather to the eastern entrance of the gatehouse!" the man said before going out and closing the doors.   Arth immediately prepared himself. He took off his cloak, now leaving him with his short-sleeved blue coat that revealed his muscled arms and fair skin. He tightened the strings on his limbs and wore his black belt. Then, he stood up and stretched his body as he saw the others already walking out of the room. He took his sword and locked the scabbard on his belt at the left side before following his competitors out of the building.   A lot of young warriors were already walking towards the gate entrance of the city. Arth looked around hoping that he would find his friend, Robert, but he couldn't. A few minutes later, a loud cheer thundered a
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  "Eeeek!"  The shrieking scream of a wild boar echoed throughout the dark forest as it got slashed by Arth’s blade, sharp and deadly. Dark and warm blood burst out of the beast’s wounded belly. Arth, who was standing in front, raised his Blackwinter sword with its sharp point aiming down towards the head of the boar. Without any hesitation, he landed a quick and direct thrust on its neck. It was a seamless plunge on the soft flesh. The boar died a few seconds after and a white, small sphere slowly appeared from its mouth. Arth took the white core and placed it on his jar. He grimaced, shaking his head in disappointment, looking at his jar that only contained white cores. ‘Where the hell can I find those B-class beasts?’ Arth thought. ‘Seriously, it's been almost two hours already and all I have collected are white cores from C-class. Damn it.’ Arth let out a huge breath. "We have to work
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  "We have another competitor coming through!" the announcer from the arena spoke. Holding his left shoulder, Arth walked towards the center of the stage where only four warriors left were seen, including Bran. He was moving a bit slower from the exhaustion of his whole body. If only he could skip the evaluation and just head straight to the lounge to rest. Looking around, Arth saw the crowded audiences sitting around the circular arena. Their loud, ongoing yells echoed around the place. At the center of the arena, there were three Grand Knights and one Grand Mage, standing in front of the warriors. One of them was Grand Knight Tera. Arth took a short glance at the Grand Mage who was wearing a white cloak with a ruby badge on his left chest. He already looked old because of his white hair and wrinkled face. Then Arth turned his eyes to Bran, whose face looked surprised of seeing him in the arena. ‘You’re lucky my arm is injured,’
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  "This … this is madness! I've done nothing wrong!" A filthy peasant agonized, kneeling on the ground with his hands chained. His dirty clothes have been torn as his dry skin revealed painful marks from intense torture. Along with him were two, dreadful bodies—no heads, lying while blood spurted and flowed on the stone floor. He was the last one to be executed on the underground dungeon of the castle. "The court has already proven you guilty. I’ve no pity to those who defy the laws," Kael Denvorn replied in a cold voice as he stood high in front of the foul prisoner. The silver-armored knight beside Kael handed over a long and sharp sword. "How did I end up to this madness? It was that damn noble who drugged and tortured my family to death! Where the hell is justice in that? That monster should be the one to be punished!" the man cried out with tears falling down from his bloodshot eyes. “You’re all rotting demons… all of you…”
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  "Why is the supply of woods lacking from yesterday's delivery cargo? I received only half of what is requested!" The dark and loud voice of the Lord of Casterfall had stopped Arth from taking a step down the staircases. The sun still had not risen, but he was already asked to meet Lord Nicholas at this very early. The sleeves of Arth’s white cotton garment reached unto his hands, then partnered by his brown trousers. It was the only decent and presentable outfit he got from his bag. His black hair had also been fixed to the side, leaving some strands on his forehead. Thanks to the herbal medicines, his head injury had a smaller bandage now that it has almost recovered. Wood supply? Arth repeated in his mind with his brows furrowed. He wondered if Lord Nicholas was talking about Frostwood, since it was the only village who supplies wood resources. He tiptoed behind the wall to eavesdrop on what the lord was ranting about. "The v
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  Warm air welcomed them upon stepping inside. An open space at the center had long couches and a low table. The blazing fireplace gave warmth and light to the entire living room. The floor was finished with wood and the glass windows had dark curtains covering it. Arth was walking around when he got a bitter and burned scent in the air. "What's that smell?" he asked. Robert looked up and sniffed, then his eyes widened in surprise. "Oh dammit … Alice!" he grunted, storming through the hall. Arth wanted to know where the scent was coming from, so he followed Robert. The hall had two doorways on each side. The first one Arth had passed by was the dining area, and the second one was the kitchen. At the end of the hall was a staircase leading to the second floor. "What on Earthos are you doing?!" Robert's loud voice thundered from the second doorway ahead. As Arth entered the kitchen, the smell of the burning food got stronger. Robert
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  "Heads up, bro. Show me what you've got!" Robert said, pointing a finger at Arth’s face. It was a cold morning and they were standing on the snowy ground right beneath their tree house. Arth had worn nothing but a brown-sleeved shirt, paired with loose trousers despite the freezing morning air. His body had already grown used to the temperature, growing up, living his entire life in the north. On the other hand, Robert was on his black winter coat, reaching down unto his knees. Both of them carried an axe on one hand. "Wait,” Arth furrowed his eyebrows, looking at the axe he was holding. “I thought we’re training?” Robert guffawed after hearing what he had said. “What do you mean training? This …” he lifted his axe, “is part of your training, bro. You have to learn first all the chores on our guild," he tapped Arth's shoulder, "And today, you're starting with mine!" "So you're tasked to harvest woods?" "Cooking is my main job wh
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  “What?” Arth whispered to Robert, taken aback. "I have already thought of that … Arth, can you do it?" Lucas raised an eyebrow. Janshai snorted, breaking the short silence in the room. "Bet this amateur won't last," he said, staring at Arth with a dead-serious look. "First missions have high mortality rate." Arth looked down, clenching his fists. "He'll be fine," Luna told Janshai. "Mortality rate is only high when you're alone." Janshai shrugged, then looked away. "This is a dangerous mission, Arth,” Lucas said. “You'll be raiding the main hideout of bandits … and it’ll only be the two of you. One mistake could be lethal. But don't worry. Believe in Luna's skills. She'll cover you.” Luna turned to Arth. "You hear that? Trust me, I’m a master archer." Arth nodded at her. "I'll do my best, boss.” "Very well," Lucas said. "Luna, Arth, your mission is to wipe out the bandits attacking Whiteground Vil
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  "So you’re the dual-blade wielder everyone has been speaking of …" Kael nodded, his eyes looking amused. “You have interesting skills … you have a name?” A young man was lying on the ground, catching his breath, wiping the trace of blood on his wounded lips. They stood in an open ground of Cold Hills Village, a place used as a training ground for swordsmen as it was fenced with metal bars. The young man winced as he stood up, holding his gut that had been hit by Kael from their fight earlier. His age seemed like in twenties … or below, judging his sharp and juvenile face. A black, leather cloak covered his fair skin, reaching down to his knees. His sharp, gray-colored eyes matched his bright, silver hair perfectly. He picked up the two swords on the ground, then returned them to their sheaths, forming an X on his back. "Tristan," he replied as he wiped the tracks of dirt on his cloak. Kael nodded and then sheathed his sword. "I’
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