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It's no surprise when things don't go as planned. When dark secrets might just get exposed: She soon discovers that there might be even more danger than what she was trying to prevent.

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63 Chapters
****Here is my prologue darlings. I promise you won't be disappointed. This is gonna be a crazy journey.Thanks for choosing my book. Make sure to c
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Chapter One
SEPTEMBER (PRESENT)LA. CALIFORNIA "We love Raven!” “We love Raven!!”“We love Raven!!!”The chants and cheers of fans zoomed in and out of her ears as she gracefully slid from her limo. Their hushed tone sweeping through the bleachers as members of the press take their places on the carpet. Keeping her head down, she sidled closer to her manager, Simeon—along sides were her two most trusted bodyguards. The police had roped off the area with barricades—silently thanking them, she took a mental note to do it personally.The exotic beauty loved her fans, but the thought of her stalker still on the loose left her on alert. Raven could no longer distinguish between an overly excited fan and a crazed, obsessed devotee. For this reason, the loud praises and appreciating gazes from the crowd did not have the same effect as it always did. Instead of feeling flattered, it made her skin crawl.The man or woman, she suddenly thought, could be in the crowd at that moment. It was terrifying. Th
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Chapter Two
"Drive!" "Are you alright miss?" "Drive the freaking car France! I do the talking here!" She snapped and the limo began to move. Gulping down some alcohol, her mind traveled to Carter.He was her fiancé.Different thoughts trickling down her brain, her palm became wet. Being famous was exhausting."France...” Whispering slowly.Miss.”"You’re all liars.”The strong Raven was in a state of chaos. The irony, her therapist had predicted her breakdown, at that moment. She couldn't bear to conceal her feelings. Mentally thanking her stars Simeon wasn’t around to experience her melt down, she continued sipping her drink."I'm sorry about what happened miss," he uttered smoothly—trying to use the right words.She felt embarrassed; even France knew about Carter's infidelity. "You know too... " The alcohol was starting to take control of her mind—one thing Raven refused to do was cry-no men deserved her tears.France didn't dare to reply—their relationship was solely professional. "I never
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Chapter Three
FEBRUARY She woke up scared—heart pounding in its cage. Her breath came in struggled gasps and every muscle ached in her taut body. It was evident she had a hangover. Mouth drier than the desert—Raven could feel a wave of nausea threatening to drown her. Her blurry vision became clearer as she rubbed her burning eyes."It was definitely a dream,"she whispered.Glimpsing around, she realized she wasn't in her room. Widening her eyes in disbelief, she blinked slowly.It was her room.Still confused, she blinked once more.It was her old room. Jumping from her bed in total shock, she tried recalling the previous night's events.Wracking her brain, she got up from her king sized bed and began pacing round the room to clear her disoriented mind.Was she crazy? Was she still hallucinating?"FOCUS RAVEN."Mind still in disarray. The mysterious voice somewhat relieved her.Reaching for her phone—it was always next to her bedside clock. She stopped and withdrew her hand. The photograph of he
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Chapter Four
You scared the hell out of me Tess!" Raven exclaimed—striding over to her bed."Something isn't right with you. There's something different about you—I just can't seem to place my finger on it." Tessa looked closely at her little sister. She wasn't the same sweet girl, wasn't bashful—her posture was different, she moved and swayed her body like a proper model. Just the previous day, she was timid and gentle but the woman in front of her was someone else. Nervousness plastered around Raven's oval head. A good response seemed to escape from her lips, she was star struck debating on the perfect reply. A mental note reminded her it was all a dream—she had control over what was going on."NOT A DREAM. FOCUS".The mysterious voice sang through her head."What do you mean Tess?" She asked trying not to display any emotion.Pausing briefly, Tessa replied. "Never mind." Eager to ease the tension Raven spat. "What exactly do you want Tess? Get to the chase"."Your interview's today." Her repl
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Chapter Five
The sound of the alarm awakened her from her slumber. Raven shot up from the bed. Sweat trickling down her face. It was another nightmare. Her heart pounded in its cage, she was sure the muscle would stop working at any moment. The creased sheet bore evidence to another restless night and the beauty could swear she felt someone watching her throughout the night. The same feeling reality fed to her. There was that thought. The one regarding her stalker. There was that word. It scared her more than she would admit. But there was no way her stalker was present in her current dimension. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to clear her blurry vision. She wished the unsettling feeling could be cleared along with it. "Get me some coffee April," she muttered gently. Her brain updated her —sighing in dismal, she gave a mental note to increase her personal assistant’s pay after everything ends, she was extremely useful."Rose!" She shrieked still laying lazily on her bed. Rose was one of the maids i
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Chapter Six
*Raven's pov*Pain is inevitable. What is worse than pain? Feeling it twice—that feeling when a train crushes you on its rail, I felt worse. My body became stiff, my stomach felt heavy —still in total shock. I failed my only mission and what I wanted was to die at that moment. I should be the dead one. I failed my father. Tears trickled down my cheeks and my hands began to shake, I didn't know what to feel worse about. The fact my mother was innocent, or the painful fact I had to experience the pain of losing my father twice. I managed to move my head, my eyes travelled to my mother's. I couldn't bring myself to move. My body flinched on hearing Rose and Louisiana’s voice, they ran to father's lifeless body in tears.The ambulance arrived to the mansion, still in total shock I stood lost in my thoughts.Why was life so cruel to me?Did I offend my creator?I needed answers, but I wasn't getting any,'the voice' was totally mute. The vision of an officer brought me back to reality, I w
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Chapter Seven
PRESENTRAVEN STEEL: authorities are still searching for the renowned model who has reportedly been missing for 10 days.LOS ANGELES — The search to find the renowned model, Raven Anna Steel in California ended Friday without any results. The Authorities believe Raven, the 23 year old, was abducted. Her car was found along a bridge and Investigations are still on going—kidnappers are yet to request for a ransom. Some fans speculate that the model's possible abductor is her reported stalker, since a ransom is yet to be requested for.Ignoring the number of times he had read the article, he slammed his fist on the table, his head banged in response. Groaning in pain, his eyes went shut. It was happening again. Struggling to keep them open, he found his way to his bed...*****PASTWhat do you mean we have to move out!" Raven sneered.The police retained Raven and Veronica for questioning, since they were the main witnesses in the murder. After writing her statement and answering all of t
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Chapter Eight
Two Fred free-days down, a day to his funeral.Raven sighed and tossed the magazine she hadn’t really been reading onto the coffee table. It was a painful reality, really, how out of sorts she was without Fred across the hall.The house wasn’t as big as the mansion-even at that, it felt empty.She was reliving the pain she felt when he died initially, it felt worse this time. The cameras weren’t around to distract her. Louisiana hadn’t said a word to her after the incident. She was always locked up in her room, It troubled Raven. She was crestfallen.Tessa on the other hand was all over the place, her grief was different and Raven feared it was slowly eating her up. Veronica rarely went out, she did a good job handling the press and preparing the burial ceremony. Deciding to start the investigation on her father’s death, only two people came to mind. There was Mr. Handel, the pervert. What were they on about before she badged into Fred’s mini office? Disrupting their argument—right be
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Chapter Nine
"Our father in heaven, we thank you that, through Jesus Christ, you have given us the gift of eternal life, keep us firm in the faith, that nothing can separate us from your love. When we lose someone who is dear to us..."Her mind—drifting from the priest's prayer. Every memory played like a song in her head, repeating itself for what seemed like forever. She had lost a big part of herself. She wanted it so bad, as though her very life depended on it, but it was all gone, vanished into thin air. She couldn't say it got better but it did get easier. At first, she thought grief was something bad that takes you ten feet under but, soon she learned that it was just the price everyone had to pay for loving someone.The sorrowful casket that consumed her was illuminated by the light that trailed behind her. Each thread resembled the perfection of her father. The man that had taught her everything. The man she failed to protect.The previous night, Raven and her family gathered for supper,
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