"Oh you'll really love the dress." The designer, Paul was telling me. Unlike most male designers and stylists, Paul was straight. Straighter than straight. He didn't talk or sound like a girl. He didn't walk or behave like a girl. None of that. Everything of his was just pure musculin. Except the fashion style was exceptional. Better than a guy would dress in any given day. And he always wore bright colors with many patterns.

"I actually like my dress." Alice told him. "You really gave it your all."

"It would have been better if you didn't insist on plain black." Paul told her. I should add, Paul was openly honest. What? I know. He tells you the truth, anywhere and in any situation. He was the biggest critic there could ever be

Sometimes he even criticized his own work. "It made you look a bit emo. Dark little character."

Alice just frowned and exchanged looks with Mom. 

"Where is Francis?" Mom was lookin

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