262_ were coming home

Odium vampires were running free as the sun was about to rise, they were happily shouting, then feeling every warmth the sun gives, every second of it and they were treasuring it forever.

“It's beautiful!” Myrel shout,

“Where are we going now?” Exodus ask

“Since the king couldn't take care of himself, maybe we have to find a place where we could leave him for a while”

Exodus looks at the baby and it seems like the baby lifts the corner of his mouth.


King Albert"

As I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was to look at my daughter and wife sleeping in our king-size bed.

I caressed my wife's face, and she immediately woke up, I smile at her and said,

“Good morning my beautiful wife, I'm sorry to tell you that I need to go now. I need to go to the mountain of the Giants to fulfill my promise to the king of dwarfs”

“Are you sure about this?”

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