Chapter 2548 His Trust In Her

The researcher smiled awkwardly and explained, "Dr. Craw, I didn't look at your analysis on purpose. I was bringing it to your seat and I accidentally..."

He paused for a second and assured her, "Don't worry, I won’t mention anything to anyone."

After all, before the initiation of every research project, the company would have to review the study’s theoretical support. If he wanted to keep his job, he had to do what Luca said.

He just thought that it was a little strange. The data he saw in her analysis did not seem like any ordinary virus.

‘Luca's research is not on ordinary viruses?’

The company may not approve the project if it were too niche. The profits may be high, but the investments would be excessive as there would not be much existing research and data on the topic.

The researcher was worried that Luca's efforts would be in vain.

The other researchers looked at each other and were not sure what to say. Luca sat there and was focused on her data set.

After a while, Lu
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