Chapter 273 Coldness Flashed In His Dark Eyes...

Allison took a deep breath. She did not want to throw a tantrum in front of her grandchildren. "Don't be deceived by this woman, my babies. She's a wicked woman, a seductress with a black heart. Be good children and follow your Grandma home. Your Great-Grandpa misses you…"

Bianca could feel her heart being torn into pieces. Allison had said that about her in front of her children.

She was about to speak when Lanie suddenly turned around.

"You've become prettier, Grandma. I hope that you won't be angry or lose your temper. My teacher said that you'll be ugly if you're always angry. I hope that you'll be forever pretty, Grandma," Rainie said as she diligently massaged Allison's legs.

Allison laughed when she heard Rainie's words. She enjoyed the special treatment, and her tone of voice became gentler. "You're such a charmer. Have you been eating sweets?"

Rainie counted on her cute little fingers. "One, two three… hmm, I can't remember how many sweets I've eaten, but it was a lo
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