Chapter 4479

Marianne then followed Charlie’s action to open the door and get down. After looking to her left and right, she then asked Charlie, “Where are we going?”

Charlie looked at the path leading to the mountain and spoke up, saying, “Let’s go from here. We will go down and take a look.”

Marianne was puzzled. Logically speaking, she would never agree to it if any man wanted to take her to such a deserted place.

Still, she decided to trust Charlie after thinking about it.

So, she followed Charlie down.

When Dillion saw Charlie and Marianne going into the mountain forest, he roared in anger, “Get the f*ck out of the car! I’m going to kill this punk today!”

A dozen or so people quickly got out of the three cars to follow and chase after Charlie and Marianne’s footsteps.

The location of Hong Kong was already very far south. In addition, it was summer, and the mountain forest was very dense. One could only see the sunlight shining through the dense branches and leaves when walking through
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Good book but to costly to send bought this book 10 times over
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Maria Escobar
Damn at least give us 3 chapters to read at a time

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