Chapter 4486

When Charlie saw Marianne’s despondent expression, he suddenly felt some sympathy for this eldest young lady of the top wealthy family in Hong Kong.

Although Shawn was rich, Marianne still did not have a complete childhood.

Her father’s betrayal and mother’s early death had destroyed her childhood completely.

Charlie and Marianne’s experiences were also somewhat similar in this regard.

Although Charlie’s parents had had a good relationship, Charlie’s childhood had fallen apart completely after his parents had passed away.

Since then, Charlie had lived in the orphanage for ten years. Although Mrs. Lewis had taken care of him, it had still been a painful decade for Charlie.

This was because he had had to re-accept the reality of his parents’ death every day for the first five years, and he had had to fight the sadness of missing his parents every day for the next five years.

What truly healed Charlie for the next twenty years and kept him calm without going astray were the earn
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Olivier Etinof
What is going on cannot the audio is not working
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When will Charlie wade's book continue.... I don't normally read novels, but this one got me hooked and now it stopped...

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