Chapter 4582

Meanwhile, the Long family had also returned to their mansion in Steerlain Island by car.

On the way back, Shawn and Jenna sat in one car while Marianne drove her own Tesla.

When Shawn had seen that his daughter was in a trance and seemed lost, he had wanted her to go back with him in one car, but Marianne had refused.

Marianne was upset and wanted to be alone, but to her surprise, all she could think of was Charlie on the way back.

She subconsciously thought of the bits and pieces of her memories with Charlie ever since they had met. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that Charlie was already embedded in her heart.

However, when she thought of how Charlie had been deceiving her from the beginning to the end, she could not help but have even more complaints against Charlie.

Fortunately, although she was upset, she did not encounter any unexpected incidents on the way back, and she drove her car home safely.

After she had parked the car, Shawn looked as if he ha
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