88: Chaotic (Part II)

Isaac had gone to his workplace to request for leave since exams were coming up, and he needed more time to read. But it was mostly because he was more concerned with finding Emily and was starting to feel a little ill. His boss had granted him the leave, albeit reluctantly, and he had been leaving the place when he saw Jide emerging from his car. 

Jide had stopped to get something at a pharmaceutical store close by, and Isaac only crossed the road when he saw a female seated in the front seat.

It had taken him a while — after he crossed the road — to recognize that the girl was Emily. Her face was battered up, malnourished, and she was coated in an oversized jumper. Isaac had been attempting to open locked the door when Jide came out.

When he confronted Jide, the two had got into a huge fight that attracted passers-by, who were the reason the fight was ended. 

While Isaac tried to explain Jide was a kidna

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