95: In the end

Everyone had decided to start all over again. 

Martin had been discharged and since Badmus High was on a temporary lockdown, he decided to use the free time to intern at an automobile workshop.

BHS' football team had been automatically disqualified from the soccer tournament, giving Bankole a tough time to decide what to do with his time. Soccer was all he knew. Since he had decided to abandon his vulgar ways, he couldn't go to the bar or visit any of his old friends. 

A few days later, his mother showed up again, and this time he had sat down to listen. She hadn't remarried since she left (she couldn't bring herself to do so, she had said) and would love to take him and his sister, Gbemisola, with her. Bankole hadn't been sure at first, but after a few more visits and during a loud disagreement between both his parents, he decided to move in with his mother. Gbemisola wanted to follow her older brother, but Mr Davies wasn

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