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July 2040

~Next Week Friday~

Kara's POV:

Tonight is the night. We will finally go through with our plans, and I don't feel an ounce of guilt.

Just because Shawn and I were the only ones to figure out how fucked up this all is, it doesn't mean it's any less fucked.

We've been talking a lot this past week--going on little food dates, shopping, any situation where we could hang out together really. I would go grocery shopping with this guy if it meant we could walk around in each other's arms, occasionally staring into the other's eyes and thinking about how much we like each other. I'd seen the sides of him that he usually concealed, and I love being that special person that he could confide in at times.

Maybe he was right... I am one of those people? I try not to get too mushy around him, but it's all still going on in my head.

To my parents, he's my "friend." They don't know exactly what I do

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