By:  Feranmi Ade-Alao  Ongoing
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Megan has always loved being a psychologist. It doesn't pay much, not by a long shot, but it affords her the opportunity to use her uncanny ability of reading people to solve their problems in a way that other jobs won't. However, one night in her apartment, Megan is paid a visit by a mysterious stranger in hold of a secret that she'll rather never sees the light of day. He gives her an ultimatum: her secret in exchange for a job, which Megan agrees to; and soon, she finds herself in a place where circumstances will test every portion of her being to their fullest potential. But then again, when you've been called to serve on Olympus, you can be at nothing but your best, can you? Book 1 in the 'Olympus' series

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37 Chapters
Chapter 1
New York City, USA The moment Megan opened the door to her apartment, she knew her night wasn't going to be a usual one. Not that she had usual nights to begin with, to be honest. A psychologist by profession, Megan was no stranger to the unusual. From dawn to dusk, in her little ground floor corner office, Months Counseling, her clients included a range from awkward college students, to stay-at-home parents, to overworked office goers, even sometimes to the high and mighty but still radically depressed elites of the city. They all brought with them their own batch of weirdness factor to dump on her lap and leave there when their session was complete; and truth be told, she didn't mind it one bit. Thing is, Megan had discovered from her childhood that
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Chapter 2
Location UnknownThe elevator came to a stop with a silent hiss and Megan stepped out of it. Going with something from a shady source was a bad idea, she knew, but there she was, doing exactly that.As it turned out, the envelope left by the strange man from Megan's apartment the previous night, Arthur Dean, Principal Officer in charge of the United Nation's Covert Affairs Department on Threat Assessment and Response- she still couldn't bring herself to believe that that was a real thing- contained not actually a job offer but a set of instructions.Go to Grand Central Station, it said. Enquire about which trains leave to the farthest parts of town at exactly 11:15am. Which was exactly what she
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Chapter 3
The elevator deposited Megan and Dennis on the sub-basement level of the building, the doors sliding open to reveal a long, narrow, empty corridor ahead."Where are we?" she asked."Where the magic happens," he replied, smiling.Dennis stepped out into the corridor and fluorescent lights above became lit almost as if in response to his presence. They revealed that the corridor wasn't quite as barren as Megan had first thought.Thing is, on either sides of the wall were large numbers written boldly in red paint. As Megan would soon realise, the paints weren't just paints as whenever Dennis got close to them, they came alive and began to shimmer, reacting to his presence just like the lights seemed to have some minutes earlier.
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Chapter 4
"What the hell?!" Megan's eyes went wide. She looked from Dennis to the doctors who looked unmoved by what was happening in front of them, and then she looked back at the teenager still on fire on the other side of the see-through glass.It couldn't be real, the thought raced through her head. Or could it? It was like her mind couldn't settle on any conclusion and the effort it was taking to try caused her pain."Miss Months, please calm down," Dennis said when it looked she might soon suffer a panic attack. Surprisingly, he had a little smile on his face, almost like he had expected the reaction from her from the start."But how can you expect me to calm down?" she returned. "Someone just lit on fire right in front
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Chapter 5
Five...Four...Three...Two...One.The moment the countdown reached one, the four ballista guns launched their missiles into the air, the projectiles flying with a grace and accuracy that could only have been AI-guided. They soared through the air for some seconds before beginning their descent right towards Adolf."You may want to take cover for this one," Dennis said to Megan who immediately huddled closer as he pressed the screen of his wristwatch and commanded, "Blast protection," and immediately, what looked like a force field covered the both of them.With bated breaths, Megan watched Adolf stare down the missiles coming towards him like he could just will them away with his mind if he wanted; and just as they were a few metres from him, he wrapped his wi
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Chapter 6
It didn't take long for Megan to get a reading on the girl in front of her, not that she needed that long to begin with.Thing is, unlike the boys, the girl was an open book. Her thoughts and emotions were vividly on display in everything that she did. She wanted to be read, Megan deduced, perhaps even loved when she was.A few minutes of professional psychological analysis and the first thing that made the headline about the girl was that she was fully aware of herself. She knew exactly who she was, superpower and all; and not just that. She was also well-aware of her feminism, her youth, and the role she had been brought to play in Olympus- whatever they were, Megan thought as she still hadn't quite figured that out yet- and how those things made
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Author's Note
Hello reader, First of all, let me say how glad I am to see you here. I don't know if you're a first-time reader of my works, or perhaps you've read my book on GN, Tekna (do give it a read when you have the time :-)), or perhaps you've even read any of my works of any other place apart from here. Whatever it may be, thank you for giving me  and my work the opportunity to be a part of ypur reading history. Now, you probably may have already read some part of the work before getting to this point. I do hope you enjoyed it, and will continue to do so till the end. Please don't be shy in leaving your comments about what you enjoyed, or enjoying, or not about the book; and of course, gems are highly appreciated. If you like this book, please share with your friends. Till I come your way again. I give you all my love. Your friend, The Author.
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Chapter 7
To Megan's surprise, Dennis's office was as normal as would be expected of the head of an organization, not that she was sure she could imagine what an abnormal office would look like in relation to Olympus to be honest.Maybe a direct phone line to the Justice League, she thought, or perhaps a photograph where Dennis was posing with Santa Claus- she meant like the real Santa Claus there.Whatever it was though, she knew it would be something that would really blow her mind into a billion pieces like everything in the organization had been doing all day.However, the office was just that: a standard workplace with nothing out of the ordinary sticking out.At least for the moment,
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Chapter 8
Megan had expected quite a number of reactions from her question: shock, denial, deflection, even old-fashioned honesty, but those weren't any of what she got. Minutes after she had put forward the question, all Dennis did was stare at her with a neutral expression on his face like he hadn't even heard a single word she said.She began to feel a little uneasy.Thing is, it was starting to dawn on Megan that perhaps the man in front of her was someone she would never be able to pin down. One moment he was friendly, the next he was fierce; one moment open and ready to share, the next sealed off like a crypt hidden down in the very deep levels of the secret mountain base that was Olympus. Dennis jumped from one demeanour to the other like none of them was existentially who he was and that made her very apprehensive of whom he might truly b
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Chapter 9
Fifteen minutes. That was how long Megan realised she had been sitting and tapping her foot impatiently.After the official job offer and acceptance, Dennis had suggested to her that she met the three teenagers- the Supermen, she gave them their proper time at that point- again so that she could get a proper feel of what she was working with now that she was in on everything- Megan preferred to think of it as "in on the relevant details" though. She knew without a doubt that Dennis hadn't told her everything concerning Project Olympus.Anyway, he put in the call and the meeting was arranged in one of Olympus's small conference room- small here meant that it was a larger than the standard conference room but smaller than the others on the mountain- and the teenagers were actually waiting for her when she arrived. Well, all of them except
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