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Kara deals with friendship and heartbreak while living in a whole new world in 2040. Misogyny is a thing of the past, and a new society where women are the leading gender emerges. Time travelers from the world's dark past attempt to reverse the roles again, but will they succeed or have to answer to the world's new leaders?

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The synopsis is intriguing. I love the concept and the back and forth in time is well paced so far?. I feel bad for Jack somehow? update soon...
2020-08-07 13:28:45
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honestly it's a bit confusing. jacked up even I'm disappointed
2021-01-06 12:43:08
44 Chapters
o n e : summer begins
May 25th, 2040click, tap, click. Sharply, I snap my head up to see a gloomy eyed Shawn tapping his pen on my desk."Hey", I snapped, "can you please stop tapping? It's giving me a headache". Now, of course my head didn't actually hurt, but Shawn's incess
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t w o : closets
Jack's POV:Solemnly, I approach the front door, and I feel my hand shake as I struggle to get the key into the hole. Am I nervous about entering my own house? I shrug off the thought. I just hate making Kara mad, and my whole body shivers at the thought that she might figure out why our relationship has not gone to the next level.
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t h r e e : secrets
He looked up with the most unreadable expression. "Yes?".How could he act so calm? Did he not recognize me from that meeting last night?"What was that meeting last night? Why were you there? Wh-".
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f o u r : revelations
February 3rd, 2017The air was thick with the smell of beer, body odor, and mistakes. Music roared, girls danced half naked, and drugs were exchanged. All of this occurred at one of America's most classic settings: the frat party."CHUG, CHUG, CHUG, CHUG"
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f i v e : equality, or lack thereof
Lacey's POV:All I hear are crashes of impact, skin crushing into bone, muscles and tissue imploding. Someone is punching the shit out of Chad."Is 
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s i x : confused
"Kara... Kara... KARA!", Kaylynn screams. Shit... did I do that not listening thing again?"Yea?""Tell us!", Kaylynn and Lisa say in unison.
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s e v e n : the beginning
February 2017Lacey's POV:I can feel dozens of eyes on me. Conversations are hushed as I walk by. This hallway could not get any longer.
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e i g h t : and the lies will follow you
May 2040Kara's POV:"Hey", I snap, "Where the hell are we going?".
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n i n e : read the room
Obviously not reading the room, Tiana runs in for a hug from our bubbly bestfriend-turned-ice princess, Kaylynn. What the hell has gotten into her?"So, pizzas have already been ordered; cheese and pepperoni okay with you two?", I inquire."Sure, of course, except I need to take the cheese off o
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t e n : shawn
Looking around Kara's... friend?, I ask her, "You want to keep dancing?"."Me?", she asks, looking down. I mean, who else could I be talking to?"Duh, loser", I joke. Of course she isn't a loser. She's pretty badass, actually. Apparently, she isn't g
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