Chapter 07: The Runway


Ashton was quiet inside the car, he looked so addicted to the book he was reading earlier that until now he had not been able to fold the book. He just stopped reading the book when the car stopped. He looked out the window and his brows furrowed.

"Where are we?" He asked wondering why he can’t see the penthouse.

"Sheri Lee, I'll be modeling their products," I replied to him and got out of the car. Ashton followed me, I put my hand around his shoulder as we proceed inside the hall where the fashion show will be held. Upon entering, I immediately saw the organizer of the event, I plaster a smile on my face upon approaching the organizer.

"Mr. Mendez, thank you for accepting our invitation." The organizer smiling gladly at me. I just nod in response. The organizer moved his gaze to my companion and look at me with a questioning look.

"And who is this plus one of you?" He asked.

"This is Ashton, I want you to give him a VIP seat," I replied.

"Of course, we’ll give him a VIP seat." The organizer replied smiling and bid goodbye.

"I'll be on the backstage baby, just follow the organizer and he’ll show you your seat,” I instructed Ash, he just nodded in response.

When I entered the backstage, some of the models were already set and just waiting for their cue. I’m a little excited about what kind of boxer brief I am going to wear tonight. When I entered the dressing room I saw Sheri, the gay designer of the underwear that we’re going to showcase. His eyes twinkled when he saw me, I just smirk at him.

"Mr. Mendez, I know your schedule is very busy but thank you very much for accepting our invitation." He said as if his voice was being squeezed, he look at me lustfully too much to my disgust. I don’t like him, he’s fat and has a big belly. I wonder how many male models he had sucked in exchange for modeling one of his designs.

Sheri Lee is quite popular in the country, the pay in this show is also quite good so it is a privilege to be able to wear one of his design, if I happen to need money now I will probably have to fuck this gay before I can wear the boxers or briefs he designed.

"What will I wear?" I asked Sheri smiling at him slightly.

"Oh darling, this is the most fabulous and most expensive brief I've ever designed." He said this and took a box inside the cabinet and when he opened the box I saw the jockstrap underwear artistically folded inside.

Fuck! I bet everyone will collapse, pass out and faint when they saw me wearing this jockstrap, my plump ass is visible for them to swoon over. I grabbed the jockstrap in the box unfold it, the fabric of the underwear is thin and my dick would somehow be discernible.

"Get dressed," Sheri ordered me, I shamelessly removed the button of my sleeve and took it off my body, I then removed my black pants giving Sheri a nice view of my almost naked body.

"Shit! You’re so huge, Mr. Mendez." Sheri commented and gently touched my dick, I immediately removed his hands.

"Stop it Sheri if you don't want to lose a client." I threatened him, he seemed to get what I mean and dejectedly keep a distance from me.

"I just want to worship your body, you look very delectable." He replied jokingly and left the room looking scared. I removed the last cloth that was covering my nakedness and replace it with jockstrap. I presented myself in a full-length mirror and carefully examined my body. Seeing my reflection I can’t help but think of receiving a lot of indecent proposals tonight.

All the models suddenly stopped what they were doing when I came out of the room wearing only a jockstrap. Others even licked their lips looking at me with desire. I just gave them a grin and left the dressing room.

When I came out, a woman in a casual dress approach. Diane, the stage director, introduced herself and told me that I will be walking for the last scene of the show. Sheri was right when he said that the item I was wearing will be the highlight tonight.

"20 seconds and your turn Mr. Mendez," Diane instructed. She even told me the direction I was going, where I would pose, and which big clients I would wink and seduce.

Moments later the models came to the backstage. I stood on the side and waited for my cue. When Diane raise her thumb, I put on the image I always show people every time I walked in the runway. Without emotion, I went out and walked along the runway. When I saw Mr. Balthazar, the CEO of K & C, a famous clothing line company, I winked at him. Mr. Balthazar doesn’t seem to be affected by my wink but I knew he’s undressing my jockstrap on his mind. I don't know him personally but according to my cousin Rex, Mr. Balthazar is a closeted bisexual and he once invited my cousin.

As I was walking, everyone was watching me quietly and lustfully, when I reached the center stage of the runway where the VIPs were sitting, I saw Ashton but I just smirked when I saw him leaning over and reading a book. Seriously? Is he reading a book at a fashion show? Was he not even fascinated by the men who wore only boxers and briefs in front of him? 'You're unbelievable Ash' I thought to myself as I turned around and walked back.

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