Roommate Romance (Complete)

Roommate Romance (Complete)

By:  Piyaaah  Completed
Language: English
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Yuji struggles with his daily life, and mostly gets troubled by his roommate and bestfriend Toma. Thinking that it's best to distance himself from Toma for a while to get a breather, it triggered Toma to do something about their situation. Now Yuji didn't know what Toma had in store for him, and he never expected it coming.

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100 Chapters
A Confused Man
It was uncomfortable…And yet, I didn't mind him leaning at me. "…I was really upset back then. Cami broke up with me just because she had to transfer to abroad." He began to talk and further lean closer on my neck that I can feel his long eyelashes on my skin."I thought she was everything I could ever hope for, and that my life is finally complete, but she… left me.""Y-Yeah, I-I'm sorry about that." I said, feeling uneasy when his arms suddenly wraps my waist."I was devastated. When Cami left, I feel like there's no sense in living in this world without the woman I love. But you were there beside me the whole time." He looks at me with his drunked eyes, I can smell the strong scent of the alcohol he drank earlier."It really touched me when you were there the whole time, to the point that I got confused and realize what was going on inside my head. Yuji… Yuji, I like you."'Dug
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A Few Months Ago
It was the 16th of August, the beginning of our second year in college starts tomorrow. When all things were unpacked in our room, Toma and I decided to grab some dinner. "Dude, I could go for some huge bowl of ramen right now." Toma said, rubbing his stomach to show how hungry he already is."I thought we agreed on spicy chicken?" I asked."No, no, no, I don't want to implant a bomb on the toilet later.""I'll still eat some though. C'mon, let's go." Then we went out of the campus dorm after fixing a few more stuff left.While we were walking, Toma noticed something from a distance and talked to me. "Damn. Yuji, I can't believe she's dating Duke." He said, quickly pointing at some place and there I saw Cami with her boyfriend Duke."Well, just be happy for her. You had your chance with her and wasted it. So don't go crying about it." I told him. Toma always had a huge crush on Cami ever since we we
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It Was Kinda Gay
"Damn it Toma, we're going to miss the first day urgh…" I closed my eyes, avoiding any light that shines on my face.Toma who was at the lower part of this bunk bed started throwing up at the bucket beside his bed. "Bwaargh…! Ugh, s-sorry." He said, sounding so weak."You said just a drink or two, but we both ended up with five bottles.""Uuugh, I said I'm sorry.""Right. Let's swear not to ever do this again.""Agreed."Then both of us spent the whole day recovering from our hangovers. However Toma has it worst than me all because he got drunk more than I did. "Yujiii… my head is killing me. Can you get me some water?" He cried out."You do that yourself, my head is aching too.""But you seem better than me.""No.""I've been continuously throwing up earlier, have you no mercy?""And whose fault wa
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Like An Old Married Couple
It wasn't much an issue to be absent on the first day, even some of the subjects started introductions at the second day so Toma and I were both safe from strict professors. And yes, both of us took the same course that we agreed on since we were in highschool."Hey! Toma, Yuji! It's nice to see you again, guys." Hino greeted, another friend of mine. He's much like Toma, a pretty boy with girls tailing him.Ugh, how do I even got to be friends with a bunch of pretty faces? I can't catch up with them when it comes to looks, I actually look pretty average, but these guys?… oh nevermind."Yooo, it's been a while. I see what you've done with your hair, it looks great." Toma praised Hino as soon as he sees his shorter hair. He used to have long hair that reaches his shoulder which sometimes makes him look like a girl sometime with his pretty face. Now he looks a bit more manly."Thanks, but I'm going to grow it out again
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From A Distance
"…let's avoid each other for a while.""HUH!?""You heard me, I won't repeat myself.""What's with you all of a sudden!?" After the whole day of school, I decided to talk about distancing with Toma."Let's say…" Though I can't tell him that some people mistook us for a gay couple because we're together all the time. I came prepared to answer his question with the excuse I thought of earlier. "…we both each need to be in different environments without seeing each other for a while.""Why?""It isn't good that you always stick with me. Somehow, I feel like I've been taking care of a little brother whenever you're around." I told him.He sulks as he hears my reason. "I'm not a kid!""Then act like your age.""Also we're best friends right? So why are you pushing me away?"I sighed at the sight of him questioning me. He
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Which One Is Girly?
As I got meet up with Hino, I saw him waiting for me at the cafe we agreed to meet up at. "Hey dude!" He greeted.I sat on the chair at the other side of his table. "You know, I'm still not used to seeing you with that haircut. It suits you though.""Thanks. Although this won't last long. I'm definitely going to grow it out again." He touches his hair, unsatisfied with its length."Long hair makes you look like a girl. Well, it's just your face that's girly.""Are you implying that my face looks feminine?" It was weird his face flushed, even so I just ignored it."Yep. But with your body, it's otherwise. You're too tall and muscular for a girl."He chuckles. "You guys keep saying I look like a girl when I have long hair, but no one ever notices you."An eyebrow of mine raised. "What do you mean?""Well, there were times I noticed that you looked gir
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Without His Bestfriend, Part I
I woke up earlier than Toma so we can seperately go to school on our own. I bet it pretty much upsets him that he won't be able to go there with me. He's pretty much used with going to school with me, however, that won't be happening today.I just hope things go well for him."…huh. Something is different." My seatmate Xia said."Nothing new out of the ordinary." I told her as I sat next to her."No, no. There's definitely something different with you today." Then her eyes gazed on the person who entered class. We both saw Toma coming in alone.There our eyes met, he smiles a little at me then goes to his seat without a worry. Xia then realized what she saw different in her perspective. "That's it! You haven't gone to school with your boyfriend!""What!?--I don't have a boyfriend! I'm a guy, I'm not gay!" Seriously, this girl is annoying. She just giggles as I glared at her.
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Without His Bestfriend, Part II
It's been a week now since I started to seperate myself from Toma. These past few days were peaceful, but it was kind of lonely for some reason. It's not that I wasn't talking to other people to completely isolate myself… maybe I was also just used to have Toma with me.We actually see each other since we share the same room at the dorm, but we both made great effort to keep things in minimal, like our talks and other stuff. Also, I noticed that Toma found something for himself to be indulged in, so every seven at night he would go out and do whatever he got himself into."Hey, I'll be late again tonight. So don't lock the door on me." He often tells me that whenever he's going out."Just get the spare keys in the drawer." I told him while reading a book for my socialist class."I can't, I might lose them." Ah, it's in his nature to be careless with every small thing he possess."Whatever. I'll just
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Surprising News
It's funny how fast time passes. And everytime a day is over, it feels like the distance between Toma and I grows bigger and bigger. He's slowly drifting away from me… "maybe I shouldn't have told him to avoid me that time.""Who are you talking about?" Xia interfered with my thoughts.That made me realize that I was talking out loud unconsciously. "Ah, nothing. Don't mind me.""Uh-huh, right." She gave me a look of disbelief. "Something's bothering you, you can't even focus on your part of the research right now."Looking at the screen of my laptop, it was still an empty draft. I really am distracted by these annoying thoughts."Ugh, I guess I need to take a rest first.""Okay, just don't forget we have to pass this next week." She told me."Yeah I'll be taking my leave now." When I was about to put my things in my bag, Xia suddenly mentioned something that blew my
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It Was An Unexpected Event
It wasn't so long when I began to realize what my life would be without my bestfriend Toma. He was always the sociable guy while I was just someone who tagged along. I wasn't so friendly with the other guys he always used to hang out with other than me.So whenever lunch time arrives, I always find myself sitting alone at the cafeteria. Then I often see Toma with his other friends with him, as well as his girlfriend Cami."Never knew it would be like this." I muttered to myself, sometimes wishing I never suggested to avoid one another."…hey."I looked at the person by my side and saw Xia. "Oh it's you.""Yeah, got a room to spare here?" She asked with a cheeky smile."There's plenty of room as you can see, so be my guest." I told her, with a bit of sarcastic tone."Hahaha, sure." She sat right next to me. Ugh, of all places, this girl is really annoying.
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