6. Hawks.

The man just ignored it as he did not remove the blindfold but when the continuous chatter of the girls lingered in his ears, he shook his head, controlling his anger.

When the plane was being landed and Xandra along with her best friend was taking their luggage out from the upper side of the plane and he removed his blindfold walking passed by them.

His shoulders touched with hers and he pushed it walking passed by her.

"How rude!" she said when he ordered his secretary to bring his luggage.

She from behind kept on staring at him with the full attention and he tripped on his way, about to fall but managed to balance himself.

"Oh..." a hint of a smile touched her lips and she continued doing what she was doing.

"Bangkok, baby!" both of the friends walked out of the airport, yelling in excitement.

"Mr Rotschilds... how was your flight? I'm sure you haven't had any troubles..." a man stood next to the car, with a hand in pocket, wearing

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