Chapter 6


Someone's pov

A playful smirk drew on my lips as I saw one of my disciple men walking in from the door of my territory.

"What's up? Are you doing well keeping Ciara's life out of Tyron's hand? Your face saying it all, what happened? "I asked him when he was finally able to get closer to where I was. I looked at his face for a moment when the excitement was so visible from his eyes.

She's doing fine, right? Ciara's fine.

"They're doing fine. I guess? Mukhang nagpapatayan na sila, eh. "He replied with a smirk on his face, unconsciously, I immediately hit him which surprised him.

"Tarantado, anong sinabi mo?!" I exclaimed. Ears couldn't believe what I heard from him, a shock was trace all over my face because that's not the news I expected him to bring to me.

"Aray! Gago naman, para saan 'yun? Problema mo? Bigla-bigla ka na lang nanghahampas diyan?" He complained as his eyebrow furrowed. Lips loosen up due to shock but I just glared at him.

"Stupid! Nakinig ka ba talaga sa mga si
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