My Lycan
My Lycan
Author: Peyton Iuga

Chapter 1 – Who Am I?

Dhario POV  

My name is Dhario, Alpha of my beloved pack. I am 35 years old and I’ve been waiting for my mate, all the meaningless sex is becoming old. Don’t get me wrong, all the sluts that throw themselves at me like being used by me. They know my power, they know my strength and they know that being my mistress brings some perks. People respect them while they are seen with me.  

Although, I need something more. I am being pressured by my siblings to provide heirs to my throne. All the pack members know that I am getting old to keep being the alpha without an heir. And before you ask. It has to be a legitimate heir. An heir from my mate, none of the she-wolfs that provided me with a child can claim my name or my throne for our pups.  

I have 2 pups, James and Leon. James is 17 and Leon is 15. Both my boys know who their father is, they are training to become soldiers and close to their future Alpha (if I provide one). I was reckless while young. I didn’t want to be the alpha, I wanted to be free and have as much sex as I wanted.  

But.... there’s always a but... my father died and my wolf took over my life and claimed the throne. I am feared. I destroyed 3 packs in the last 5 years just because their alphas looked sideways at my sister. She is my Beta. Weird I know. A she-wolf as a Beta. But she is brilliant. She compliments me. While I am ruthless she is caring. When I am explosive she is contained and always calls me out on my shit.  

Dani is 28 and got married a few years ago and had her twin pups. Leah and Lua. They are both 5 and gorgeous little girls. They make the packhouse happier when they are around.  Edward is my younger brother, he is only 19 and he already found his Mate, they've been friends since young pups and when they turned 18 it hit them, now they are attached to the hip. We can hear her scream his name when she is in the heat... and even when she's not, they are loud and annoying. I avoid their presence as much as I can. 

I know you want to know more about my mate, so do I. I just want to find her. I need to make sure I keep being the mighty alpha I am. But I need someone to ease my wolf. I know she is close. I can feel it.  

I hear my name being shouted from the garden, so I get up from my desk and drag my feet opening the window, Danni (my beta) is shaking, without thinking I jump down turning into my black and grey wolf. My mind links to hers 

“What happened?” 

“There’s an injured soldier near the gate, someone is sending us a message” - she replies  


No answer  

I growl “WHO???” 


I don’t wait for her reply. I run. My mind links to the entire pack and they can feel my suffering, they can all feel my anger as I shout “FIND THE FUCKER THAT HURT MY SON”. 

As I arrive changing into my human form I see his mother (Isobel). Isobel is holding James, his injured body. Isobel is shaking and crying. I push her towards me and pass her to Dale. (Danni’s mate) 

I grab the shorts that are given to me by Danni and I hold my son. I carry him in my arms as I walk back to our packhouse. I can feel his mother’s pain. Mine is excruciating. I link my mind to Danni “Get Isobel out of my sight”. 

My council is already waiting in line at the packhouse waiting for my orders. 

As I walk in I look at them with my cold stare “I want you to find the fuckers that dared to touch my pup”. As I turned my body to walk into my office and put his body on the sofa I hear someone say “but he is not an heir”. 

“WHO THE FUCK SAID THAT?” I feel my council’s fear. I see all their eyes glued to the floor. I pace in front of them waiting for an answer “ANSWER ME OR I’LL START RIPPING HEADS OFF”. Everyone takes one step back leaving Stefan alone. He looks into my eyes and I can smell his fear. Without thinking I break his neck and look at the rest of my council “ANYONE ELSE SHARES HIS OPINION?”  

In unison, I hear “NO ALPHA” 

I walk into my study and shut the door and allowed myself to kneel before my son and I can feel a tear run down my face. "CALL THE DOCTOR" - I shout - My body gets stiff. I can feel her close but I can’t think about that now. I need my son to heal and find the fucker that hurt him. Torture him will be my pleasure. He will be mine. All mine.  

One month has passed and no one has brought me my son’s attacker, I’ve asked him what he remembers but he doesn't remember anything, he's got some sort of amnesia. I’ve been going out looking for clues, talking to other alphas from packs that are allies. They all have been looking for the wolf responsible but he is good, no clues, nothing.  

It’s September and the beginning of the school year is starting and as usual, the Alpha is called to give a speech at the university that is on my turf. We have one of the best universities in North America. It is the safest in the country as my soldiers guard the turf and no criminal activity has been placed on my turf. Parties are allowed and obviously they deal drugs between them humans and they get involved in some trouble but nothing big. Nothing that can concern me as I have one of my council members taking care of that part of town.  

I get dressed. A black suit with a Light blue shirt opened on the collar showing my Tattoos going down my neck. I brush my hair (something that I hate doing, I don’t like to be tamed). As I start walking out of the packhouse Danni Mind links to me “don’t forget to smile big bro”. 

“Get out of my head Danni” 

“But I just need you to remember to smile, the new humans arriving have no idea who we are” 

I can hear Edward laughing "Him, smiling *laugh*" 

“I said get out” 

“I said smile” - Danni replies 

I shake my head and get into my Audi, put the music loud, and drive to the university, as I am arriving I smell something sweet, honey, and... I can’t put my finger on it. I stop the car and I look but no one is nearby. I think I’m losing my mind. I start driving again and find my reserved parking space. I get out and I can smell the arousal from the girls around me. So I smile thinking that I am going to fuck someone today as it’s been far too long.  

I shake some hands and make some small talk (that annoys me). I get ready to take the stage and I see her. I feel her. I smell her and my wolf grows inside of me, he needs her like air to breathe. I feel myself getting hard down below and I do nothing to hide it. I just look at her. She has her back turned to me. She has a perfect ass. She’s got curves for days, oh how I am loving those curves. I always hated skinny girls. I can imagine my hand holding that ass. It would fill my hand.  

I start talking and she turned her head to hear my speech and I see those big green eyes. Those plump lips. I lock my eyes on her she smiles while holding hands with a fucker next to her. My mind explodes and I think “he is a dead man”. 

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Krissy Pierce
Well this should prove interesting the one's that sleep around usually have some crazy jealous scorned lover's when they do find their mate. After a certain point though you should have stopped sleeping around waiting for your mate maybe he lost hope on finding her.
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Bella Jersey
And the fun begins! Karma is biting him in the a$$
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Stephanie Faye Ledbetter
the first page turned me off this story. you cannot claim a mate has been waiting for their other half while f@#$ing anything with a hole. disgusting

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