The Light in the Dark [English]
The Light in the Dark [English]
Author: Fallen Leaf

“Catch him! Don’t let him escape. Don’t you dare come back without bringing the Prince with you,” The King’s voice echoed in exasperation as he forcefully threw the cup he’s holding then annoyingly seated on his throne.

“What am I supposed to do now? I’ve run out of ideas… every punishment that I knew has been given to you but you keep on disobeying me anyway. Do you loathe me that much, my dear prince?” his eyes were sharp, but he can’t deny the weakness in his voice. He then let out a deep sigh as he closes his eyes and rests on his throne.

He knew that he needed to think of the best plan to make his son sensible. He can’t possibly let his countrymen meet his son, who’s going to be the next king of Hanyang, at his playful state right now. What are they going to tell me when they knew about his behavior?

“My dear King, do you want me to call Baek?” asked Prime Minister Jang who bows down at me to show his respect. I stared at him for a while and thought of his plan, if this is the only way to make the prince get back to his senses, then so be it.

“Call him, then. We really have to make some concrete plans to discipline the prince. Bring him to my room and we will talk there.” He stated as he stood up and walked towards his room.

“Okay, then, your highness.” The prime minister bowed down once again. When the King got out of his sight, he asked a soldier to go find him a horse for he will be the one to go in the City of Casib to look for the fortune teller. 

“Come on, chase me! You’re too slow.” Minseo playfully shouted, the next King in line. He smiled wryly when he saw that he’s being attacked with a freezing kunai, but he was still able to dodge it. They really have the guts to hurt me, huh? The prince thought to himself. What if it grazed a part of my cheek? My poor handsome face… He worriedly thought again.

He shook his head as he controls the surroundings. He made the time stopped on its track, as well as the air, the movements of the soldiers chasing him. He literally made Earth stopped from rotating in its axis. He was panting hard as he rested on the nearby tree, buying time to regenerate the lost energy. He laughed out loud as he looks at the soldiers. 

He hates being chased the most, and he’s been declining the King’s offer to be the next King in line, but the King is persistent. Being Minseo, the playful Prince, he won’t do the things that he doesn’t like. He won’t do the things that won’t make him happy and satisfied. 

He laughed hard as he remembered the epic face his Father had when he escaped a while ago. They were eating when the King started talking about passing his throne to him and he doesn’t want to listen to such nonsense so he ran away.

Jun, my brother, could be the next King. Why would he force me to take the responsibility? Sitting on the throne is tiresome. All you do is to command and wait, but the whole country is at your stake, and I don’t like that. He thought to himself.

“The future is bound to happen.” He was shocked to look at his side. It was a girl who’s wearing a black dress and half of her face is covered.  “On the next cry of the rooster, the sacred door would open towards the present and you can’t do anything to escape that.”

He annoyingly scowled ah her, “What nonsense are you spouting? And who are you to talk to me that way?” He stood up and went near her, smirking as he noticed that she’s avoiding me to see her face.

“For your information, a mighty and handsome prince like me doesn’t like a mysterious and weak-willed girl like you. If I were you I will now remove that scarf covering your face so I would clearly see your face.” He stated playfully and he earned a sharp look from her in return. What a feisty woman.

“For your information, I am way older than you, my dear prince.” 

He got affected knowing that someone knows he’s a prince. Father would surely punish me big time! He tried to recall if he met the mysterious girl before because his fashion style is surely different from the normal girls in Hanyang. They would usually look decent and being rich is evident the way they dress.

“Where city do you live? I have wandered around this country several times but I haven’t met someone like you. And why are covering your face? Is it because of your wrinkled face or is it because you only have three teeth left?” he teased.

“The beauty of an immortal person with royal blood doesn’t wither. The only thing that I could advise you now is to follow the King’s orders. Do not try to change your fate and the things that are bound to happen because you will surely regret it.” And she started walking away.

“And who are you to tell me what to do and what not to? You’re a disrespectful blasphemy!” he shouted and tried to attack her, but she disappeared just like that.

He tried to take her words off his mind but it kept on lingering through his thoughts. What does she mean by her words? I didn’t even know there’s a present world, or was she just bluffing?

“Just make sure that no one would know I’m the prince, or else…” He started looking at the place where she suddenly disappeared. 

He smiled wryly and got out of that place. He then brought the time back when he got far from the place where he left the soldiers. 

P. S - There are a few more errors after I finished this I will revise it and be reminded that I have two spaces.

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