The Three Kings Of Langley Academy
The Three Kings Of Langley Academy
Author: hanihaniplease


"Mr. Dahlberg!"

"Mrs. Dahlberg!"

"Are you going to sue?"

"Do you feel betrayed?"

"Are you filing for divorce?"

"Are you taking the children?"

"Mr. Dahlberg!"


The paparazzi had no regard as their cameras flashed and as they called out my father's name. My family crammed into the black van as guards pushed the irksome photographers away.

The vehicle drove off and we all simultaneously huffed in relief.

"Daddy, do we really have to move away? What if they don't have ballet there? What if the girls there don't like me?" Periwinkle peeped out as she snuggled against my father's shoulder.

We all huffed in our own volumes upon the admission we heard spoken by our youngest. My mom comforted, "Baby, it'll be alright. Grandma will be there and she promised she knew a ballet school near our new home."

"But why do we have to move away?" she asked as mom combed her golden hair.

"Because dad's partner is a scumbag." Roux spoke under his breath not meant to be heard by anyone, except maybe said 'scumbag' himself. 

"Roux!" my mother scolded lowly, while my father threw him a warning look. 

He slouched next to me and I pursed my lips in a frown as I looked out of the window. 

"I'm gonna miss the city." I muttered under my breath, thinking this may well be the last time I ever see the hustle of the streets.

"Don't worry baby," my father starts, reaching out for me, "we'll be back as soon as I get this mess cleaned." He takes my hand in his. I turn to him and smile softly.

We then traveled to the airport in silence. 


Periwinkle excalimed this under her breath as soon as she saw the grey haired woman. Roux, carrying our tired sister chuckled as she smiled at our approaching grandmother.

I got out of the cab. It felt so different here. There were no high rises, and a vast expanse between houses. It was truly a peaceful location. I doubt anything controversial will happen to us here.

I begin to help my parents unload the trunk.

"Oh my sweet little Priscilla, how are you?" my mother's mother cooed my sister's second name as she kissed her on the cheek. She liked to call us by them, for she was the one who helped pick them out.

My older brother chuckles at my younger sister's lack of reponse. The old woman chuckles softly, "Oh, you children must be exhausted. Go on inside. I'll help your parents out with your luggage."

Roux then goes inside with Periwinkle in his arms.

Granny then went my way and tried to shoo me off. I nodded in disapproval as I got my bags out of the car. "I got it, gran," I smiled as my parents and I got every other bag out of the back. 

Once the trunk was empty, the driver went off. My brother came back no longer carrying my sleepy little sister in his arms, to help out with the rest of the stuff.

After we all settled, once my mother lead my sister to her new bedroom, the rest of us sat on the couch, eating gran's comforting homemade bakes.

"Thank you again for letting us stay," my father spoke to his mother-in-law, simply getting brushed off, "Oh, yes, yes, stay here for as long as you need. I love company, especially since it's my grandchildren." Granny Esther smile brightly.

"Thanks gran," I smiled back.

My brother nods as he stuffs a whole cookie in his mouth, "Gosh, I love your food. Mom doesn't cook these as much as before."

Ou grandmother practically burst with excitement, "Well Raiden, you don't have to worry because I'll make you chocolate chip cookies whenever you want."

"Spectacular." my brother smirked.

"Well, I'm going to bed." I huffed as I got off the sofa.

"Oh, alright Lourdes," my grandmother spoke, "brush your teeth first."

Roux snickered, "Ha, as if that'd get rid of Lilac's bad breath."

I eye him in annoyance.

"Oh, honey, could you check up on your sister before you go to sleep?"

I nod simply at my mother's instructions as I go upstairs. 

As soon as I walk off, I hear my brother call out that he too was going to hit the hay, and caught up with me as I journied upstairs.

Being in this house further solidified this change we were going through. The house was quiet, and very much fashioned in my grandmother's taste. It was so unlike our home. Back in Magnolia, we lived in the top floor of one of the highest buildings in the city. The streets were always busy, the people were always on the run. It seems as if the quiet here was permanent. It makes me wonder what people in the country side do.

"Don't worry about tomorrow," my brother breaks my train of thought suddenly.

"I'm not worried about tomorrow," I replied.

"Good because there isn't anything to worry about."

"I never said there was."



My brother huffed as we got to the second flight of stairs of the four story house. "But..." Roux added grabbing on my shoulders. I huffed at his gesture but nodded knowingly, "if I ever need your help I will, in fact, ask for it and not pull a Wilson."

My brother nodded in approval, "Atta'girl. Now go check up on Twinkle." 

I did just as he said and peeked in my sister's bare room. I sighed at the sight and found myself slowly digesting that this house was to now be my home. I moved to the window that gave view to the front of lot. No cars, no streetlights, no pedestrians... just grass and flowers.

"This isn't permanent anyway," I whisper, "we'll be back before long."

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