X: The Mush Inside

I was now in English class, sitting next to Kai, who I also was chatting up while we did our first seatwork. The chatting particularly revolved around the fact I was going to be doing a group project with Dae-Hyun at will be doing it his house.

"At least Andy will be there. He would never let that jerk do something to you." Kai grumbles.

I raise a brow and purse my lips, "Is Dae-Hyun really that bad?"

"Lilac," he groans out as he turned his body to me, "How can you even give him the benefit of the doubt after what he did to you?"

I groan and curl my arms together, resting my head on them, "I don't know, I just... I don't work like that. I'm hopelessly optimistic sometimes."

Kai sighs, "You wanna know somethin'? I resent him most."


He chuckled dryly, "Why? Well, because he and I used to be friends at one point in time."

My jaw dropped; I nearly fainted. "You, you in all your cute sunshine, used to be friends with people that go around pouring vinegar on other people?"

He clenched
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