Chapter 39

Anna's POV

I threw my parents a deadly glare, one that would make them regret deciding to torture me. "We are so sorry you had to spend your afternoon with those two," my mom said while giving me a hug after we made sure Carly and her brother were gone. 

I glared at them some more. Carly had insisted on staying in my room until I had to drag her out. By dragging her out, I mean taking her by the arm and literally pulling her away. She sat down on my bed and held on to the frame. I just pulled her some more until she landed on the floor and dragged her out of my room. I then locked it to make sure she didn't go back. 

Unfortunately for her, I had to pull her down the stairs back to where her brother patiently sat like a normal human being. The part where I actually pitied her a little was when we realized Dex was there. He came to make sure I had gotten home in one piece. From wha

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