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Sometimes a family member can be a blessing. Well, at times, he or she can be a curse. Annabelle Siromani moved to America with her parents when she was sixteen years old. They moved to the USA because of the constant problems her maternal aunt gave her family due to her obsession with Anna's father. She had to move to a new place with her family, away from her birth place, Pakistan. They had to get away from her deranged aunt that left no stone unturned to ruin their lives. Follow Anna in her story as she finds out how difficult it is to adjust in a new place.

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46 Chapters
Chapter 1
Anna carried her boxes into the gigantic building her parents said was going to be their new home. She didn't like the situation one bit but there was nothing she could do. She sat in the living room waiting for her parents. Though she was told that she could take a room of her choice, she still preferred having her parents, most especially her mother pick a room for her. Her parents finally ended their conversation with the agent and came into the living room to see her sitting on one of the couches. ″Anna, what are you doing here?″ her father, Basha Siromani asked her. ″I was waiting for you and Mom to come show me to my new room,″ she replied. ″You didn't have to do that,″ her mother, Riley Siromani said as she took her hand. They led her up the stairs to the first floor. Although Anna had been used to the life of the rich, she couldn't help but marvel at the decoration and size of the first floor. That floor had its own living room, kitchen and also housed ten rooms. T
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Chapter 2
Annabelle opened her eyes but couldn't find the energy to get out of bed. After laying in her bed for a while, she finally sat up and got out. She stretched for a few minutes then went to her wardrobe to get her training suit. After putting it on, she went to a corner of her room to begin her morning workout. She stretched again and began. After about an hour of doing squats, pushups and eventually her jump rope, she was finally done. She first rolled the jump rope and put it on the cabinet. Then she took her soap, shampoo and towel to the bathroom. After taking off her clothes and putting them in the wash basket, she walked into the bathroom and had a quick shower. When she was done with her shower, Anna walked into her room with her towel wrapped around her. She did her skincare routine and chose an outfit for the day. It was Saturday and she didn't plan to go outside so she chose something simple: a pink blouse on a short black skirt then wore her puffy black slippers. She c
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Chapter 3
Monday came all too soon. Anna didn't want to get out of bed but that was out of the question. She grudgingly got up and did her morning workout. Then she had her bath, did her skin care routine and put on her uniform. The uniform was a sky blue shirt with a purple collar on a purple shirt. She wore a pair of white socks and completed it with black sneakers.  She then pulled her hair into the usual ponytail and took her school bag. She had packed her bag the night before so she just threw it over her shoulder after putting her phone in it, wore her glasses and che
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Chapter 4
It was finally time for lunch. Anna drummed her fingers on her desk as she impatiently waited for the Math teacher to shut up and leave.    At last, the man left, but not before giving them an assignment but Anna didn't care. She just wanted to go to the cafeteria and put some food in her stomach.    When she got there, it was already full. She quickly bought her food, luckily found an empty table and settled down to eat her ham sandwich.   
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Chapter 5
Anna's POV I walked up to the school's entrance. Students were in front of the school as usual. Some were sitting in their cars, some on the grass and all of them were just doing their own things. It was my second day at Regis and it was Tuesday. Dex had dropped me off again. He tried striking a conversation but I shunned him since I wasn't in a good mood. I am never in a good mood on Tuesdays. Even my parents and friends have learnt to stay out of my way from me on those days. You may wonder why I am always unhappy on this one day. Well, for starters, my one time nanny died on a Tuesday. Her name was Arya. It may not seem relevant but she was precious to me. Arya was like a second mother to me and losing her was more than just painful. The other reason I hate the day is because on that day of every week, a certain someone whose name I have forbidden myself from mentioning would come to our home in Pakistan and cause trouble. A scar is always there to remind me of her weekly v
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Chapter 6
Dexter parked the car and went to the back of the house. The Siromanis' yard was very large. It could take up to four duplexes if he wasn't underestimating it. The main house, where the family lived, was in the middle of the compound. It was a mansion that could take anyone's breath away. There was a two storey duplex behind it where the servants stayed. They were the gardener, the cook, the housekeeper and Dexter, the driver. There was a gate keeper but he stayed in the gate house which was at the gate. Mr. and Mrs. Siromani were rather low key people. They didn't want a crowd in their home, unlike most rich people. Most rich families filled their homes with several servants mostly to prove their wealth. Dexter went to the servants' quarters and straight to his room. Anna's behavior today was not only strange but also uncalled for. Most rich kids were normally rude. They were so rude that he started thinking it was a matter of principle for them, but though he hadn't known her for a
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Chapter 7
Anna's POVI woke up with a smile on my face. I didn't know why I was happy. Maybe because it was a Wednesday or I because I had been successful at having substantial control of my emotions yesterday or maybe it was because I remembered Kathy's concern last night. It didn't matter what was making me smile but I was just happy. I quickly did my morning routine, wore my uniform, took my bag and ran downstairs. "Wow. You're in a pleasant mood today", Kathy said with a smile as she gave me my packaged breakfast. "Thank you Kathy", I said and hugged her. She looked stunned. Maybe she wasn't expecting that hug. "What are you thanking me for?" she asked after getting over her surprise. "I saw the dinner you left at my door", I said, beaming. Kathy's face immediately brightened up. "You're welcome dear", she said. "I'm sorry Kathy," I said when I remembered something, "I forgot to bring the plate down with me.""There's no problem dearie. Now get going. Dexter is waiting for you", she
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Chapter 8
Anna's POV A few hours later, it was time for lunch and I was starving. I went to the cafeteria, got my lunch and sat at an empty table. I had an AP Chemistry assignment due immediately after lunch break and I hadn't even taken a look at it! I brought out my notebook and began to do the assignment as I ate my lunch. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't notice someone had sat down at the table until I finished. Don't blame me, I just love Chemistry. The person happened to be Mr. Rude from my first day. What's his name? Colton? Unfortunately, I didn't know that I was staring and he took it as something else. He thought I was checking him out."I didn't know I'm this drool worthy", he joked. I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, right.""Then why were you staring at me?" he teased. "Because I was trying to figure out what in the world you're doing here, like, at this table", I said with a serious expression on my face. "I want to stay here", he replied.I groaned. "I thought you
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Chapter 9
The class was in an uproar when Anna fainted. The girl who was holding her before she became unconscious motioned to a boy to help her carry Anna to the school's clinic. When they got there, Anna was immediately taken to a private ward and put in a bed. The nurse checked her and asked them what happened to her. "We were just in class when she fainted," the boy answered. "But I noticed she was crying before she fainted. That was even what made me notice her amidst all that chaos," the girl said. The nurse nodded and told them to wait. "Let me go and get a doctor," she said. As they waited, the girl asked the boy. "Do you think she'll be okay?" "I don't know," he replied to her. Finally, the nurse came back with a male African-American doctor. "Good afternoon doctor," the two students greeted in unison. "Good afternoon students," he replied. He checked Anna again and faced them. "What happened to her? I need every detail of what you noticed," he said. The girl quickly narra
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Chapter 10
Anna's POV Dex parked the car in the garage and I ran out as soon as we stopped. I knew he would notice the difference in my appearance and would ask questions which I didn't want to answer. "I'm home, Kathy," I said as I passed the kitchen. I would go in and say a proper hello but I was too shaken up to talk to anyone. I didn't even know if she was in the kitchen or not but I silently hoped that she wasn't. I got to my room and flopped down on my bed after throwing my bag to some unknown corner of the room. 'How did this happen? Why did my case have to be different? Why couldn't my family be normal like the others?' I thought. "Who did I offend?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I cried. I had to put on a strong, unbothered facade with Colton and Vanessa because I didn't want them in my business but being alone in my room made the tears I had been holding for so long let loose. I was scared, so scared. Mrs. Ryan just had too many similarities with her. Simply looking at
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