The changes

"Baam!! two cars collided sending the passenger of one flying out the windscreen bumping onto the car’s windscreen as they collided, then landing on the other side of the road with a thud. The driver landed a few feet away from the car, ears ringing and bleeding. Head buzzing and eyes heavy. But he forced his green eyes open, they were blurry as he continued to blink trying to adjust to light, he finally saw what he was looking for or rather who he was looking for. His twin sister on the other side of the road in the middle of the opposite lane, at that time she was already runover by one car and another was coming fast as the driver was not paying attention but looking at the accident scene on the other side. He tried to call out for her to move out of the way, but it only came out as a painful whimper, the car ran her over at the same time separating her head from her body. The head rolled on the road a few times then stopped with the eyes staring right at him, his heart stopped, and dark spots filled them. "Carla.." he whispered before giving in to the darkness."

He woke up gasping for air drenched in sweat, this is a nightmare that he has been having every night for the past few months the accident happened. Before he used to wake up with an unbearable pain and struggling breath. He would pull up his knees hide his head into them and rock himself back and forth saying two words "Am sorry" repeatedly. But not this time, this time having that nightmare annoyed him because he wanted to sleep some more. He got up from the bed anyway and headed to the shower. When he got out, he wore his training attire and went to the training grounds. He looked the place that was like his second home differently this time, there were not tears when he saw it now, no pain and no sadness just a question. "why did I even stay away so long?" He had changed! anyone with no feeling would too.

He started his training with laps around the territory, the time was around 4:30 in the morning and normal training in the pack starts at 5:30. By the time the pack warriors arrived at training grounds they were stunned to see the young alpha already sweating and looking like his been training for a while. But that was not what was really shocking to them, the fact that he was even there after so many months was shocking. They stood aside and watched him continue to train like they were not even there, alpha John Black and his beta Jackson came to the training grounds talking but both men stopped on their tracks when they saw Collen. The alpha's eyes shined with tears, it has been months since he laid his eyes on his son, he was always locked up in his room since the day his sister was buried.

The alpha was quick in his steps going to his son and called for him when he was close. "Collen" he turned and looked at him, the alpha's feet were quick to react going close the him and engulfing him in a hug. He stood there and waited for him to let go, the alpha saw that he was not hugging him back and pulled out. He looked at him with pain in his eyes "Am sorry son" he got no response just cold eyes looking back at him "Are you going to train your people or you going to pester me?" everyone was taken back by what the young alpha said. " Collen" he called his name more like in question. " A witch told me there will be a rogue attack here, she didn’t say when but it will be soon, she also predicted that you will die on the attack so my suggestion to you people is, train hard and maybe you will stand a chance and not many of you will die" everyone now on the training grounds was on alert, some scared but most were angry 'how dare that witch say their alpha will die' ' Is she may be working with the rogues' 'what's wrong with Collen?' those are the questions the warriors wanted to ask but this was not the time.

The alpha was just told in his face by his son that he will die on the next rogue attack, now one can imagine the tension on the training grounds after he said that. "Collen where did you meet this witch when you have not been out of your room in months?" The alpha pushed his anger aside and tried to get to the bottom of what he said. "I saw her yesterday when I was on top of the cliff about to jump, that bloody witch saved me which is why you still have a son, you should thank her." the alpha's heart sank, he wanted to kill himself, his only son the one child he had left wanted to kill himself and they wouldn't even have known because he hasn’t been coming out of his room. They would have still thought that he was locked up there while he had long died. He clutched a hand in his chest right where his heart is, he was so hurt that he wanted nothing more than to rip his heart out and make him see the pain he caused him just by saying he wanted to die and not even care how they, his parents would have felt about it.

He looked at his son one more time and he found him busy with his training like he didn’t just drop a bomb on him. " We will train son, hard but I ask that if I do die on the next attack, you be good to our people, take care of this pack Collen and treat them with respect. I promise you will get more than just their respect but their loyalty and devotion too, just as long as you treat them well." he pleaded as if he too knew that he won’t live long. "My only duty as an alpha will be to ensure their safety, their wellbeing and that the pack prospers. Other than that, I do not have care anymore in fact I do not feel anything anymore. The witch helped me by taking away my ability to feel so if your pack members are going to be looking for feelings from me then I won’t be able to give them that" he said then turned and walked away as he was already done with his training.

The alpha's knees wanted to give out, but his beta was quick to notice and go by his side leading him back to the pack house, but not before instructing the warriors to begin their training. When they got to the packhouse Luna Katherine saw them and went to them quickly seeing her mate being supported by his beta "What happen Jackson?" beta Jackson just shook his head and lead his alpha to the office followed by the Luna. Jackson left the alpha and went back to the training grounds; he too was shaken by the revelation from the young alpha. " Talk to me love, what is the matter?" alpha John looked at his Luna with so much love and smiled at her. " Collen is finally out of his room.." the Luna screamed in excitement, she could not wait to see her son, it’s been so long! but the alpha stopped her from going. "Why are you stopping me John? I also want to see my son" she couldn’t understand why her mate didn’t want her to see her son. "Collen got a witch to take away his ability to feel, his changed now Katherine, his not our Collen anymore. You know he told me with no feeling or anything of a sort that there will be a rogue attack here and that many will die" the alpha wanted to say ' that I will die' but he couldn’t bring himself to say it. The Luna did not waste time she left the office going to the dining room following Collen's scent, he had his back on her and stood there watching him. She could not believe that it was her Collen that was sitting there. She has not seen him in so long! " I would rather you say your peace than gaze at me from behind like a predator mother." the way he said it was so cold that the Luna felt as though the person who has spoken was not her son. But it was, he had changed, he was now.. Lucifer!

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