Chapter 6 My Man Doesn't Even Gives Me Coffee

Give me some coffee*screams*

West Pacific Ocean, China,

Seaside Palace

He said in a solemn tone "I will keep you here, but I won't torture you".

A mocking smile appeared on her lips as she mocked him while looking for something on the table " then what are you gonna do to me?".

"I am gonna love you with all my might," he said with a straight face.

Ji AnLing was not in the mood to entertain him. She nodded her head at his reply and massaged her temples. Right now, she was suffering from a serious headache. Her vision was becoming hazy revealing signs of extreme sleep deprivation, she needed a cup of coffee.

She looked at him and revealed her caffeine addiction in the following words.

"Okay, I get it. If you really love me then get me a cup of coffee before I die".

For a moment, Mu Zeyan thought tha

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