Chapter 3 When Did Puppy Eyes Ever Manage To Move A Lion

I never thought that I would be played that badly. My manager, organization, and the man I love. They all betrayed me. *Cries*

S Country, T City

Hilton Bar

Vip room

Ji Anling looked at the door and demanded Johnny to come in explain.

He was peeking from the door.

He was her friend, confident, and manager. The rumours about her bitchy temperament were all spread by him. He did this so that people would fear her and wouldn't think of her as a pushover.

She never thought that she would be betrayed by her best friend. Not even in her wildest dreams did she ever dreamed such a thought.

He took a deep breath and entered the room with his head held high up, as he had done nothing wrong.

In fact, he never did anything wrong. He was following orders from the higher-ups. He tried to rebel against their decision but failed. He had no choice but to send her to him tonight.

What intrigued him the most was the connection between Mu Zeyan and the mysterious person who bought her all her information.

He never thought that they would be the same person.

After listening to the bad news, Ji Anling's mood turned sour. The heavy metallic music of the bar, the dim colourful lights of the bar, everything irritated her. Especially, those people dancing madly.

Johnny sat down beside her as he reassured her "Everything will be fine, that person hasn't taken any action yet" while putting a hand on her shoulder.

She looked at him with her eyes glistening with tears as she shouted at him "what would you do if you were sold to a bondage-loving woman?"

Her information being sold was the same as her being sold.

He despised the whole idea not to mention imagining it.

"How do you know that he loves bondage" he questioned.

"What if he just bought you to be friends" he glanced at her face as he continued " I mean you are famous for having a bitchy attitude, no one dares to approach you. If you didn't have a reputation like this our lies would've been exposed".

After listening to him she felt that it was a bit absurd to waste 3 billion dollars just to befriend a small-time assassin like her.

Hence, she decided to ask him. His answers sent her to cloud nine.

"You are a well-sought assassin because of your work ethics and exceptional capabilities. It is not abnormal to waste 3 billion dollars just like being offered 1 billion dollars to kill Mu Zeyan is not abnormal".

But in reality, both possibilities were absurd.

" And you have to get rid of him by tonight" he reminded her. She nodded her head and asked him for specific details.

At Ji Anling's Condo

She opened her closet and looked for suitable clothes. She picked out a black t-shirt, black torn skinny rise up jeans, and a black short leather jacket. After wearing it Ji Anling looked at herself in the mirror and pulled up the zipper of the jacket. She tied up her into a ponytail.

She walked through the condominium while thinking about the client's request. She looked around for a bit and started picking out her things.

According to what Johnny told her, her client wanted her to enter his hotel room through the balcony and then kill him.

Ji Anling couldn't fathom the reason. For some reason, she had a bad feeling about this job.

She ignored the warnings of her heart and got dressed. She picked up a Beretta-89 and fixed a silencer on it. She also took an HSP-701 and a Swiss army knife, in case of emergencies.

Every time she left for a job she would survey her house as if it was going to be the last time. She surveyed the house this time too but only to realize that it was her last day at her house.

When she was about to leave, she remembered that she forgot to carry her grapple gun barrel. She picked it up and left the premises.

NIght Time,

Outside The Hotel,

A girl wearing a full black stood in front of the hotel. She was camouflaged by the night's darkness. She was gazing upwards trying to figure out which balcony belonged to Mu Zeyan's room. She lifted her head a bit higher when she suddenly went...Bingo

Ji Anling looked at the room card in her hand to confirm her guess. She was right. That balcony indeed belonged to Mu Zeyan's room. She looked around to confirm the vacancy of her surroundings. After confirming the vacancy she took out her grapple gun barrel and aimed at the balcony.

She clicked the trigger and the hook went flying towards the railing and wrapped itself around it. Ji Anling clicked the trigger again.


She flew towards the balcony and jumped inside it. She peeked through the glass doors and found out the room was pitch black. Seeing the pitch-black surroundings of the room she assumed that Mu Zeyan was asleep.

The possibility of this very easy assassination of being a trap or planned never crossed her mind. She pushed opened the glass door's of the room and stepped inside. She entered the room waited for 10 seconds to let her eyes adjust to the darkness.

When she felt that she was ready, she stepped forward, extending her hands to prevent herself from bumping into anything. She walked without any impact until she reached the centre of the room.

When she reached the center of the room, the lights and chandeliers opened and her eyes were attacked by orange bright lights. She instinctively narrowed her eyes and glanced through the room. It didn't take Ji Anling a lot of time to understand that this was a trap. There were 1.8 meter long men in black surrounding her and her target Mu Zeyan was sitting on an office chair looking at her with a loving gaze.

She couldn't comprehend the situation as she opened her eyes properly and looked around. Then she looked at him and saw his tender and loving gaze. For others, that gaze would be tender and loving but for her, it was nothing but calm before the storm.

Ji Anling stepped back and bumped into another one of his men. Mu Zeyan's obsidian eyes were examining her sharp movements.

She knew she was trapped and taking the initiative to fight would be like issuing a death warrant to herself. She looked at him, flashed a bright smile and laughed. He laughed with her and this kept going until she felt her voice become hoarse. She blinked a few several times as she looked at him with puppy eyes.

But when did puppy eyes ever manage to move a lion? One of the bodyguards moved over to her and grabbed her hand tightly. Her small build wanted to struggle but before she could her free hand was grabbed by another man as the third one closed her eyes. She tried to struggle but to no avail.

She felt a mist covering her eyes, as her vision started to get blurry. Before passing out she saw the devil's smile.

Mu Zeyan walked up and took her body away from the bodyguards and instructed them to leave. He picked her up in the princess-style and realized that she was very light. He moved her up and down like a dumbbell and determined her weight. He placed her on the bed and opened up her ponytail.

The straight shoulder-length hair spread across the pillow like the branches of the tree. He touched her face and felt her smooth and supple skin. In the orange lights, her original snow-white skin looked even paler.

He brought his face near her ear and spoke in his deep, cello-like voice "Don't worry, we have a lifetime to feed you".

He took out his phone and dialled a number and placed the phone on his ears. He ordered some clothes and asked, "Has the application for the marriage certificate been submitted?"

Secretary Ying replied," It has been approved. Tomorrow the certificates will be delivered".

The marriage system of S Country was the easiest. The age of consent was 15 years and all that was required were the pictures and the signature of the two parties. It was necessary to go to the bureau but by pulling a few strings, getting the marriage certificate was easy. He also ordered a few copies of the female counterpart considering her fiery temper.

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