Chapter 5: The scent

The weekend flew by, but the memories were still fresh.

The feeling of shifting for the first time was scary and painful, but as my whole family and my family flock were there to help me get through it, guiding me and supporting me, it turned out to be exhilarating and felt out of this world once I let go and gave into it.

As soon as the Moon shone upon the stars that filled the sky and touched my skin, I felt a current of power surge up inside of my body and filled me with warmth.

That was the first time I heard the soft feminine voice.

“Hi Olivia, I am Aurora.”

Hearing my Siren's voice and being able to talk finally after years of feeling her was like a long-lost part of myself had finally returned.

Right after that was when the pain erupted and the shifting process began.

My father

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Amanda Steel
Let me try to explain this to you so you can understand better. This is my book and in my book yes they can as that is how I imagined it, if you wish to have it otherway, then I suggest you try and write your own book and have it anyway you feel is right. Thank you.
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Amanda Steel
Let me try to explain this so you can understand better, I wrote the book and in my book, yes they can, if you wish to have it other way then write your own book. I didn't want to have it done as others do. Thank you.
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Evalaviva Micheal Dickson
and sirens don't recognize their mates through scent like wolf shifters and their mates ain't called mates please

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