4 years later.

Spain, Madrid.

"Andre!" She screamed, "Come put on your shirt if you do not wanna get some ass whooping."

"No mum." The little boy giggled and ran down the stairs making Korina chase him.

"We are gonna be late." She growled, "I don't have time to play all day Andre."

"But I wanna play." The boy pouted and ran to hide beneath the tables.

Korina stood with hands at akimbo trying to find her son, "Andre! Andre!" Come out where ever you are." She smirked, "Mummy is gonna find you."

She tiptoed to the dining area and bent over the dining table, she stretched her hands to drag out a giggling Andre.

"Yayy!" He hugged her, "Let's do that again." He pleaded.

"Nope." Korina patted his head, "You have to go to school baby."

She dropped him and wore his shirt for him, "And I have

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