Mafia Lord's Innocent Bride

Mafia Lord's Innocent Bride

By:  Rabia Sajal Niazi   Completed
Language: English
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Nathan Williams is dangerous. He can be your worst nightmare if you get on his bad list. He is a vicious, cruel, ruthless, merciless, and heartless killer. He is New York most dangerous mafia lord in the disguise of the most successful CEO.He is known as Scorpio in the underworld because of his obsession with the deadly animal.Sophia James was leading a simple vanilla life when all of sudden her world turns upside down. She is an innocent, sweet and pure soul but that’s what attracts the darkness the most. She is the source of light to brighten up his dark world and he has no intention of letting her go if it means to blackmail her to last extents.....

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26 Chapters
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Sophia entered the cabin of her boss who was in his early sixties. He is Sam Williams, the owner of the private hospital where she works and is a very respectable man.
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She thought Mr or Master Nathan was an old man with a protruding stomach and bald head. She won't know why she thought like that but she did think that. 
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Today’s morning was very haunting for Sophia. She didn’t get a wink of sleep.
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