Christians POV

I sighed as the cold water from the shower hit my skin. I allowed it to run down my body as I tried to get the picture of what just happened out of my mind. Bethany and I just finished a second round of sex. I called her because I just couldn't get Makaila out of my mind and trust me I have tried. She just seemed to be stuck there. Calling Bethany was the only way I saw fit to get her out of my head.

It didn't work.

Lately, Bethany has become annoying to me in different ways. She started to seem too clingy but I didn't want to show her that her presence has begun to irritate me. I haven't stopped thinking about Makaila today or what she said to me after the cafeteria incident. What she had said that day hit a nerve and I desperately wanted to prove to her that I wasn't like the others.

I wanted her to know that I was di

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