My lovely fairy
My lovely fairy
Author: Liha

An unexpected beginning part 1

It was a dark and dense forest, I was walking for hours and still didn't see the end of it. I was getting tired and hungry as time went on and I couldn't see if it was day time or not since I could not see the sky. This forest had a weird rumor going about it, people often told story like it was impossible for a human or any other living creature to get out of it alive. And the reason was that in this forest once lived a witch that was trying to escape from the terrible fate human wanted to bring on her, and that was being burned alive. That sure is a scary fate indeed and weirdly her situation and mine were a little similary in the fact that I am trying to escape a fate that would be somehow terrible not as much as hers but still... . And the witch put a spell on this forest so that no one could find her and for a long time she was safe. After a few years the witch suddently left the forest for who known why, and she didn't lift her spell so that more evil human will lose their way in it and eventually die, that was her grudge against them. It is fair enough knowing what she went through but not in my case, I will die too if this rumor is true and looking at how things are going, it indeed seem to be true.. sigh!

After walking for a while I reached a small and old cabin and even though it was in a sorry shape it was still the best thing that could happen to my tired self who could no longer take anymore step. As I went to look for some fire hood, I thought that despite the rumor this forest had some charm. I went around gathering fire hood while admiring it big trees and it small inhabitants. Making some fire in the cabin wasn't easy since I wasn't used to it but soon thanks to the fire the place looked more confortable and warm. I could take a good rest and relaxe while warming up near the fire. Feeling confortable I ate the food I managed to steal from that place I never wish to see again. Remembering what pushed me to become a traveler...well, in my case it is best to say a runaway, made me felt depressed so I decided to clear my mind of any additional worry since I was already in a stressful situation if we don't forget the fact that I may never leave this forest. While I was drinking water I was thinking about how fortunate I was, knowing that until now I managed to avoid the worst like maybe been attacked by some weird beast. As I was feeling relieved about my situation I suddenly hear a loud thud!! like something falling in from of the door, feeling scared I cursed at myself for thinking ahead that I was safe. Nevertless, I decided to take a look with a dagger for my safety in my hand and found an unconcious man that seemed to be injuried.

The man had dark blue hair and a muscular body, I took a look at his injury and it seemed that he was poisoned. What shocked me was the fact that this poison was know to kill in an instant but this man managed to survive until now. Well, forget about the poison, without help he will die in less than an hour seeing as he is losing blood. Even though, he is a stranger and could be a dangerous person, my instinct and heart will never be able to abandon an injuried person. I pulled him inside and took care of his injury and the poison within his body. I understood that he could withstand the poison until now thanks to his muscular and well build body, he must not be a normal human. But then a revelation went through my mind while I was admiring his body and face, he is the first human I encountered since I began my adventure. I felt weirdly happy yet cautious too since it was new to me, Well he will surely be thankful because if he had not encountered me, he would have died by now. Thinking that, I felt content and let him rest since he needed to recover. Before sleeping, I feed him the last drop of water in my bottle, I wanted to find some more water but in this forest it will be difficult. And without water we may soon die of thirst, my dead in a corner sigh!!!

I slept before knowing it because of fatigue and hours passed, it was morning when I woke up, I saw our guest still sound asleep and feeling bored I looked through the cabin. I found a book among the trash, it is a big and old book probably left by the previous owner of this cabin. I was happy of my discovery since I loved to read and this must surely be an interesting book. I wonder what happened to the owner of this book, I hope that he managed to leave this forest and if he did it could be great if he left some clue in the book. Feeling hopeful, I brushed the dust off of the book and began reading it. While reading the first part I had a weird feeling about the book, it was written in a langage that I never saw or learned before but I could understand it clearly. This fact should have scared me and prevented me from reading further but seeing how I was staying in a dangerous forest, in a cabin with a stranger. I thougth that nothing could be worst than my already dreadful situation, hence I ignored the weird part and continued reading. In the book there was all kind of spell and other medical herb..."Wait! oh my god...this..this must be the witch's book! No way, then that rumor I heard must be true...Well, seeing as neither of me or that mysterous and terribly handsome guy could get out of it, seem like it really is the case." I shouted those words out of excitement and made the sleeping guest frown in his sleep.

"Loud!.." The sleeping guest suddently muttered. Even though I was at fault for disturbing his rest by shouting, I didn't care about it and was happy to finally have someone to talk to, I spoke to him cautiously, "Oh! are you okay?"

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