My lovely fairy

My lovely fairy

By:  Liha  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story is about Eleanor a half elf and half human, she left her hometown the kingdom of elves, where she didn't fit and is been chased by them. Lost in a forest she meet a mysterious man and save his life. Suspicious of his savior's identity, the man decide to take her with him to the realm of human. There, she will face many secrets and differents people like the royalty of the human empire and the witches. Many hardship and pains as much as love will surround her, power struggle and people's greed may bring chaos upon their world. Between prophecy, hatred and fate will she be able to overcome a predestined ending and find peace.

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Lola olawunmi
when are you going to post an update? I love this your story, it wonderful. update soon...
2022-04-26 03:48:55
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such a great story! goob job 👍🏻 i am wondering, is there any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-21 15:31:57
40 Chapters
An unexpected beginning part 1
It was a dark and dense forest, I was walking for hours and still didn't see the end of it. I was getting tired and hungry as time went on and I couldn't see if it was day time or not since I could not see the sky. This forest had a weird rumor going about it, people often told story like it was impossible for a human or any other living creature to get out of it alive. And the reason was that in this forest once lived a witch that was trying to escape from the terrible fate human wanted to bring on her, and that was being burned alive. That sure is a scary fate indeed and weirdly her situation and mine were a little similary in the fact that I am trying to escape a fate that would be somehow terrible not as much as hers but still... . And the witch put a spell on this forest so that no one could find her and for a long time she was safe. After a few years the witch suddently left the forest for who known why, and she didn't lift her spell so that more evil human will lose their way
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An unexpected beginning part 2
"..." The man didn't utter a word and looked at her puzzled. His golden eyes keep on scruting her from head to toes thus making Eleanor restless.... Still she keep on talking to him to be sure that he was okay,"I found you in front of this cabin door unconcious, seem like you were poisoned and wounded by sword on the right side of your belly...but rest assured I took care of you. In a few day your wound will heal and I cleared the poison from your body."  "Ha! poison hein, no wonder I thought that my body feel heavy", said the man with his clear voice, as she thought his voice was as manly as he was and cold too, like the glare of his golden eyes that was piercing trought her. "By the way, who are you?" asked the guest while staring at her suspiciously.  "My name is Eleanor beca
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An unexpected beginning part 3
A long sigh of relief left the two of them who could leave the cursed forest alive, they looked at each other without any feeling of mistrust or annoyance in their eyes, and then unexpectedly out of joy Eleanor bounced at Francis with a bright smile and happily said, "we did it! yes! we got out of there alive sir Francis". Holding her in arms, he looked at Her with a surprised expression because of her sudden act 'this woman, she sure is a fearless one' he thought and returned a smile at her making her finally aware of the situation and leaving his grip with a flushed red face. But Francis somehow knew that it was not out of luck that they could leave this cursed forest and looking at Eleanor he was about to ask, " say how did you know the way ou....!" Without finishing his question he went tense and quickly put her behind his back and covered her to protect her from the omnious beasts that were comi
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Her fate and his regrets
The kingdom of Elheim is a peacefull land, where the elves lives for decades, the kingdom is not like any other place, it is surrounded by mountains and plains filled with flowers. This blessed land is know only by their citizens and is protected by them so that no one would discover it. It is a place made by elves, only for the elves's well being.  And Eleanor lived among them since birth, but if the elves lived peacefully with each other that wasn't the case with Eleanor for as long as she could remember, she was not accepted by them because of her origins. Eleanor was born from an elf father and human mother, so it was always difficult for her, to bind with other kids her age. As a child, she could never understand why she was rejected, and since kids always shouted at her that she was weird,  she believed that it was her fault all along.  Elves hav
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The Clausius empire
Francis was talking to his knight about the preparation for their return to the palace. Eleanor took advantage of that moment to take her stuff and flee.  But before she could take a step, she feel a strong hand hold her wrist. Without turning back, she knew to whom that hand belonged. "Can you tell us where you are going like that?" "For saving me from the wolves..I express my sincere gratitude to his majesty, but do remember that I saved you too in the forest. So please let me go." She said with her back facing Francis. "You didn't answer my question."  "Sorry but I am not obligated to answer to that, since it doesn't concern you sir Fran...I mean your majesty." She replied while t
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Her first vision
The sky became cloudy, it started to rain and there was a lot of thunder. the rumble of the thunder became more intense and it scared Eleanor who closed the window and squeezed tightly her hands on her arms and slightly trembled. Francis noticed and thinking that she was freezing, he handed her his coat. She didn't want to show him her fear of the thunder, so she took his coat in order to make him believe it was out of coldness that she was trembling. They keep on moving forward even in that rain and Eleanor thought that while they were safe in the carriage, the knights outside must have it hard. Being out in the rain and having to support the cold. And while she was thinking about the knight's situation, she suddently saw an image of the carriage being destroyed by a tree struck by the lightning of a thunder. That vision was quick, so she didn't understand what was happening, and holded her head with her hands because of th
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Her days at the imperial palace
It was morning, you could see the first rays of the sun through the window, and hear the singing of little birds. the bed feel really good to Eleanor who wasn't used to this kind of luxurious life, it was smooth like cloud so she wanted to stay in bed longer. But her sweet moment was interrupted by the step of the maids that rushed in to prepare her for breakfast. They took out of the wardrobe a light pink dress with laces around the chest and the waist, it was a simple yet beautiful dress. One of the maid carefully combed her hair and was making a braid, the other maids excitedly decorated her hair with little flowers accessory. As they were busy making Eleanor pretty, they chatted with her and covered her with praise about her beauty and the unique color and softness of her hair.Their eyes was sparking with joy and excitement, so Eleanor was embarassed and befriended them easily. Since she wasn't a noble, she didn't see the need to keep distance with p
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The mistery surrounding her
In the office, Francis was immersed in his work, organizing all the documents related to the empire's affaire and all kind of requests. Between every documents he signed, he thought about Eleanor's reaction and a smile appeared on his face. He keep thinking that she was an odd one, because for him womans were sophisticated and elegant, in short 'artificial'. It was like they always played a role and were acting every word they were spewing to him. He didn't mind it since he only spent time with them to play around but it irritated him when they were clinging to him. Compared to them Eleanor was different, she was honest and maybe too honest some times. She doesn't know how to hide her feeling. It was a first but he found it adorable that he could read her like a book. Someone knock the office door and after getting Francis's permission to enter, a man appeared. He was radically tall not as much as Francis though, and he had scarlet red hair and clea
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The encounter at the garden
Eleanor was peacefully strowling in the imperial garden, while trying to figure out her thoughts. 'If I recall all the events that happened, I can say that I am quite lucky to still breath. And on top of that, I am well treated by them even though I am not their acquaintance, but I can not let my guard down after all he is a royalty.' Eleanor keep thinking while looking at the beautiful flowers for a moment, then while walking and being absent minded she suddenly tripped on something and fell. "Ouch!...What the hell was that....ah!" She paintefully uttered after opening her eyes from the fall, and saw herself lying on top of an unknown man. He looked calm, and had a look of someone that was just awakened. His hair was dark and fell on his forehead, and he had intense dark blue eyes. He was handsome but had a kind of a familiar aura around him that keep people at a distance. After staring at her for a while he said, "Do y
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Truth and lie
"Francis, you are misunderstanding the situation here. I am the one at fault not Lea,....I went too far with the joke, I just wanted to tease you a little, but did you really need to yell at her like that?!" Shouted Alphonse toward Francis who was finishing his fifth glass of wine."This doesn't concern you, and what I told her was the truth, it had nothing to do with your situation in the garden....I don't care about what happened between you.""Are you kidding me?! we all saw that you released your anger on her, because of what I said. Don't try to fool me, I know you better than anyone." Alphonse said, after loosening the tight tie around his neck."So what?! even if you pushed me to my angry state, it doesn't change the fact that I thought every last words I told her." "But why? Lea is a good girl though, and you know that, I saw on your face that you don't hate her." "STOP CALLING H
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