Chapter two.

Heading into space.   

A few hours later and I'm suited up in my shiny new spacesuit along with the rest of our group, tucking my helmet under my arm as we're walking towards the space shuttle.               

I look over to Sasha; she looks nervous. Me well I'm not the least bit nervous, I'm just ready to get off this planet. I take Sasha's hand smiling as I give her a squeeze, turning to her as I ask,” are you okay?” 

“Yeah, “this shit's just got real,” she replies with a pale face. I laugh as she takes a deep breath, and a light sheen of sweat covers her skin.


 “Yeah, let the adventure begin,” I cry out. Sasha laughs, but it doesn't quite reach her eyes. 

Our little group climbs up the steps and into the space shuttle. The Cadet Captain makes sure we're all suited up properly before fastening us into the seats, checking the restraints are secure.

The huge engines fire up with a force that throws us back into our seats. Sasha cries out her knuckles turning white as she grips the chair, “Oh’ fuck.” 

She says as she grabs hold of my hand as the timer starts its counts down


Were thrown further back into our seats as the shuttle heads towards the sky at breathtaking speed, “Oh, God, Oh, God,” Sasha repeats over and over as we rocket towards the stars. 

“Hang on, Sasha; We'll soon be in space.” I laugh.

I don't feel fear just awe as we watch the Earth, getting smaller and smaller. Its amazing planet Earth is just a tiny dot in the vast universe. I look out the little window full of wonder. I've always imagined this moment for me; this is a dream come true. The universe is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

“Wow, Sasha, it's So beautiful,” I say.

The spaceship has finally slowed down now as we float in space. Sasha has finally let go of my hand as she looks out of the window,  “Yeah, It's beautiful,” she replies with a smile on her face.

It's not long before we're docking at the space station. I hear Sasha letting out a breath of relief; I'm sad the journey is over so soon, she turns to me, her eyes wide as she says, “Wow, This place is huge.” I look out the window at the space station; It's nothing like I was expecting. It's like a giant floating hotel. We headed out of the shuttle to introduce ourselves to our second-year leaders and partners.

Two young men walk towards us, they are around our age, maybe a couple of years older, one of them calls my Name, “Megan Harding?”  I step forward cringing as his eyes look over me from head to toe, trust me to get the creep. I'm Max, And you're with me.” he says.


 The other man steps forward with a smile on his face; he looks at Sasha as he says, “ so you must be Sasha Harrison then?” Sasha’s face lights up as she replies, “yes.” 

he smiles as he says “Hi, it's nice to meet you, I'm Brandon Williams, I'm your year two cadet leader,

”It's nice to meet you too, Brandon,” she replies with a blush.

Well, I'm glad at least one of us has a friendly leader, I laugh as I look at Sasha, Yep she's definitely into him. I watch as Brandon leads her away, leaving me alone with Mr sleazebag, Just my luck.

“Follow me”, he says as he strides off down the corridor leaving me running behind,  he comes to a stop in front of a door before opening it and gesturing for me to step inside.“This is your room we start early; I'll be here at 6 am, get some sleep, you're going to need it.” he turns and leaves without any further acknowledgement.

I step into the room, looking around surprised. It's bigger than I thought it would be, but then again the whole ship is bigger than I thought, It’s fucking huge.


I sink onto the bed, looking out at the massive window, Wow, it's so peaceful. I soon fall into a deep sleep. It's been an eventful day that's for sure.

A loud knocking on the door wakes me up. Checking my watch, it's 5.45 am I open the door and peep out, Max is standing on the other side, “Are you ready?”   

“Good Morning to you too,  It's 5.45 am you said 6 am,” I mumble.

He looks at me with a smirk,” by the time we've had breakfast; it will be 6.”

 “Well, maybe you should have said that then.” I snap back at him knowing full well he's done this on purpose. I run into the bathroom throwing on my suit and tying my hair into a high ponytail, that will have to do, I think to myself with a sigh.

 Opening the door and the asshole is sitting on my bed, checking his watch. He turns to look at me,  “Oh the Princess is finally ready” I cringe as he checks me out again, I can see today's going to be a fun day especially with Mr happy here.

We head to the canteen, and I immediately feel better once I see Sasha.  She's deep in conversation with Brandon; these two have some serious chemistry between them.

Sasha turns to look at me as I walk in, “ hey good morning Megan” she says with a smile, whilst Brandon asks. Hi, Megan, did you sleep okay?”

I smile at Brandon. He seems friendly, “much better than I expected I, Guess I didn't realise how much space travel takes it out of you.” I reply.


“Better get used to it, Princess.” Max, the asshole says, “the name is Megan.”

I mumble,  I swear I'm going to kill this guy before the day is done. Sasha raises her brow as she says,   “Princess?”

Max smirks, “Yeah, Princess wanted to have a lie in this morning.” I bang my fist down on the table, “listen, Maxie, If you had told me the right time, I would have been here waiting for you.”

 Tomorrow I’m going to make sure I'm in the canteen before this asshole gets a chance to come to my room.

 Brandon laughs as he hits Max on his arm, “Leave it out, Maxie. It's their 1st day.” Max mumbles, “I'll be in the space pod, bring them down when they've finished their breakfast, and don't call me Maxie again.” I shout after him,” then don't call me, Princess.”

I watch as the asshole stomps off, before turning to ask Brandon.  “What's his problem?”

He shrugs his shoulders, “ I don't know, I guess he's not a junior cadet anymore.”

Sasha turns to Brandon, “so what's the pod?” Brandon’s eyes light up as he talks, ”the gravity pod, You ladies are going to get your first taste of space gravity,” he laughs, shaking his head as we both squeal our excitement.

I can't wait!

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