Chapter 2


We reached school after a 15 minute drive from our house, Dylan parked the car in his usual parking space and we got out of the car. I was immediately taken in a bone-crushing hug by my best friend Lavender as I saw my brother looking at her with longing in his eyes. I smiled internally as Lavender released me, linking her arm through mine.

"Good morning babe, I thought you were going to be late for school" she said cheerfully.

"She would have been late if I didn't wake her up on time" Dylan said, making me roll my eyes at him, he is so full of himself sometimes.

"Excuse me? You didn't wake me up. My alarm did, I was already awake when barged into my room. Remember?" I asked, sending a glare his way as he raised his hands in surrender.

"Okay, fine you were awake, dreading you have to attend school and I asked you to suck it up and get ready to avoid being late. Happy now?" He questioned rolling his eyes,

"Did you just roll your eyes at me, Dylan? You know it's rude to roll your eyes" I said and Lavender giggled beside me.

"If I remember correctly even you rolled your eyes at me. Why did you do it if it is rude?" He asked, looking at me with a funny expression.

"I have a free pass because I am your baby sister. You said so yourself, remember?" I answered and he glared at me, making us laugh.

"Yeah, right. You are lucky I love you" He said, planting a kiss on my forehead and I turned to my best friend only to find her checking my brother out.

"Eww! Why do you have to eye fuck him in front of me?" I whispered and Dylan choked looking at me with eyes as wide as saucers. I laughed out loud, unable to control myself at his expression. I stopped laughing when Lavender smacked my head hard.

"Ow! What the hell? Why did you do that? It bloody hurt bad" I groaned and she looked at me irritated. If looks could kill I would have been six feet under right now.

"That one is for speaking without even thinking, if you don't remember let me remind you we are surrounded by wolves who have advanced listening skills. If you continue speaking like that then you are going to get more of them" she whisper yelled and I looked at her with a sarcastic smile. I feel like strangling her right now.

"You were supposed to be my best friend, not my enemy planning my murder" I said and she rolled her eyes.

"It's rude to roll your eyes. You don't listen, I said that a few minutes ago" I said and she turned to glare at me.

"I am still your best friend, you idiot and I am supposed to smack your head every time you do something silly or stupid" she said and I scoffed at her as Dylan laughed at our mini argument.

"Keep telling yourself that Lavi, Dylan, you keep up your laughing at me like that and I swear I am going to announce all your secrets in public" I threatened and he looked at me wide-eyed once again, it seems like I can still threaten my brother after all.

"Cy, you are my baby sister, twin at that, you can't do that to me" He said and I laughed at his horrified expression.

"You're lucky I didn't already announce your secrets after all the teasing you have done and all those times where you made me want to strangle you. You are lucky I love you because you are my only brother and twin at that" I said as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders squeezing the life out of me making it difficult to breathe.

"Oh! I love you too lil sis and I know you would not trade me for anything in the world" he said knowing too well it's the truth.

"I can't breathe" I gasped out and he released me with a sheepish smile on his face.

"I'm sorry, I got a little carried away" he said with a hint of pink tinting his cheeks. He looked so freaking adorable, I wanted to pinch and pull his cheek but I stopped myself from doing it. He would have killed me if I pulled his cheeks in front of everyone at the school parking lot.

"Where is our other friend? I can't see Patrina anywhere, is she not coming to school today?" I asked Lavender, turning to face her as she shook her head with a frown.

"You know very well that she would not miss school for anything. After all, she is the good girl she pretends to be in front of everyone. Especially in front of my idiot brother who doesn't realise that she is only using him for her own benefits" she answered with a roll of her eyes.

"She is not that bad you know and she loves your brother. Let's not talk about it because maybe we don't know everything" I said and she looked at me as if I am stupid.

"You are too caring for your own good, you know, but I can see the truth, maybe someday even Colton will be able to see the truth. I just hope and wish that it's not too late by the time he realises his mistake" she said with a sad smile.

I know she is not a fan of Patrina and she has her reasons for not liking her, I agree that Patrina is not what she pretends to be but the fact that she is in love with Colton and he loves her back is what is important. People change and maybe she would change too once she becomes a little older or when she starts taking her responsibilities.

I just think that everyone deserves a chance to change and become a better person. I hope and wish Patrina doesn't lose this opportunity because she may not be lucky enough to get a second chance. I was pulled out of my thoughts by my best friend's voice.

"She is there with Colton, you know how they are, they must be making out or something" she said annoyed and I felt my heart constrict at what she said. Although, I have told myself numerous times that he doesn't love me, still I couldn't stop the ache in my heart every time. I saw them together. I felt my wolf growl at the mention of them making out somewhere. I sighed as I willed myself to not think about it.

I turned only to see Colton holding Patrina in his arms, they were at the gate. He must have come to drop Lavender and Patrina to school like always and it's the same everyday. They stand near the gate looking at each other with so much love that it hurts, it hurts really bad.

They both wish they are mates, Colton has been waiting eagerly for Patrina to turn 18 which is not long. Her birthday is this weekend, she said that they are waiting for her 18th birthday to mate. I am happy they found each other and I pray to the Moon Goddess to fulfil their wishes because from what I heard from Lavender, Colton wants to make Patrina his queen even if she is not his true mate.

It would be an injustice to their true mates if that happens, I can't even imagine how painful it is going to be if that happens. I always pray to the Goddess to only put people who are good for each other together and they seem like a perfect match because Patrina said that whatever qualities they wished for their mates to have they have found them in each other. It would only be fair if they stayed together, this way everyone can be happy.

My wolf Cleva, howled loudly in my head when Colton leaned down to capture Patrina's lips and my eyes filled with tears. I really don't know why this happens every time I see them together but my wolf goes crazy and she keeps saying something that I really can't understand. My chest tightens and I feel like my heart is broken in a million pieces, like a part of me has been ripped away from me.

I don't know what this feeling is but the pain I feel every time is something out of this world. I don't know what to do with these feelings, at one time I used to pray to be Colton's mate but the day I realised he loves my friend I immediately stopped the thought of being his mate. I don't want to end up in pain because I know the moment he would realise who his mate is he is going to reject them and the thought itself is very painful.

Cleva whimpered and growled lowly at my thoughts and at the scene in front of me, I pushed all those thoughts away and blinked my eyes a couple of times to stop the tears from spilling from my eyes.

I willed myself to look away from them, I turned to find my brother and my best friend chatting away, I smiled at how happy they looked. I was about to say something to interrupt them when I felt someone clearing their throat beside me. I turned to find Stephen, the future Beta of the royal Midnight Moon Pack and Patrina's older brother looking at me with a soft smile.

"Hey Darcy, Good Morning. How are you?" he asked cheerfully and I gave him a small smile. To be honest I don't like the way he looks at me, it's not like he looks at me inappropriately or that he misbehaves with me but I just don't feel comfortable and even Dylan doesn't approve of it because I felt him giving his full attention to us as a growl left his throat. I immediately held his arm to calm him down, so he knew I was fine, I am not comfortable around anyone because of how things have been all my life.

"Good morning Stephen, I am good, thank you for asking. Why are you here by the way?" I asked because he has already completed school about two years ago with Colton so I don't understand why he would be here.

"Oh! nothing really. I just thought I would join Colton and the others today as I had nothing to do at the pack house" he replied and I nodded my head turning my attention to my brother.

"I think we should get inside, we don't have a lot of time left for the classes to start" I said while looking at Dylan and Lavender. They already knew that I didn't want to talk to Stephen anymore than I already have because they know I am not comfortable talking to people, especially men. I feel like running away from him and hiding somewhere, where his gaze couldn't find me, but I couldn't blame him when he hasn't done anything to hurt me.

"Yeah, you're right. We should get going, I think Patrina will join us later" Lavender replied.

"We are getting late for classes Stephen. We'll see you later, bye!" Dylan said as he held my arm dragging me out of the parking lot towards the hallway with Lavender hot on our heels.

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