Chapter 8


We reached the mall in about twenty minutes and I was excited to spend time with Lavender because we haven't spent time together in so long. We were really excited about spending some time with each other. I am hungry though so we will head to the food court to have food.

I got out of the car only to run into a wall of muscles, I lost my balance preparing myself to fall on my face when I felt strong arms wrap around me and I felt a shiver run down my spine. I slowly opened one eye to come face to face with the one and only Colton looking at me.

His intense stare made me want to go and hide somewhere because I was suddenly feeling shy, I have never been this close to anyone before and his scent filled my nostrils making me drown in the woodsy, masculine smell. I took a deep breath to push the unwanted thoughts away from my head and he helped me stand back on my feet as Lavi came to me laughing her ass off.

“I told him to stand a little away or he would definitely collide wit
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This chapter felt unnecessary, filler lots of stuff no progression with the story really.
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Swan Marie
I’m into this book but the grammar isn’t good. There are a lot of words that don’t flow together or extra words that don’t make sense. There are also a lot of run on sentences

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