Rekindling embers


I watched her sleep. Who could have guessed destiny had fated us to meet.

She looked just like Tatia

It took all the control I had left not to burst in and run off with her.

I quietly entered her room and locked it.

The skylight was a warm blanket of shimmery silver. My wolf danced around awaiting release, seeing Tatia's lookalike made it even worse.

It sought escape. I reached into my breast pocket and took out my pills.

I swallowed one and kept the rest. My wolf struggled with being subdued. My migraines returned and my sight blurred.

"You lose." I sneered to my wolf.

It stopped resisting as the effect of the pill ran in full effect.

I had just three left which meant I had to get her before I ran out of my pills.

I ran my hands through her hair ravishing the velvety silkiness. It reminded me of the wild nights I shared with Tatia under the moonlight.

It's funny how someone who looked just like her was on the other side of the world.

She shivered from my touch. I had to stop. I subdued my desire and hastened out of the room.

I returned back my room but I couldn't get the rest I needed.

I only had days to take Tatia's lookalike with me or lose the Kingdom to Conrad.

I needed to get on their good side yet, was it possible to get her to fall head over heels in love with me.

Was it possible?

I had to try. I couldn't stop, not yet. This was for Tatia.

I closed my eyes and tried to clear my thoughts.

Tomorrow would tell if I stood a chance.



Angel held me close and tugged on the hem of my dress. I felt it fall loosely from my skin. His eyes were a temptation far worse than the call of the sea.

"Should we do this?" He husked, planting small kisses on my goosebumpy skin.

I shivered slightly but the truth was I didn't want him to stop.

"What should we? It feels so good." I retorted and pulled him closer.

He smiled and continued undressing me. He didn't stop until there was nothing but our skins touching.

He carried me in his arms and placed me on the bed.

"I'll be back." He winked and left me.

I grumbled and my soul ached for his body.

He couldn't just leave me like this, Not with the raw passion he had ignited in me.

He needed to put out the flames.

He came by a full moments later, butt naked.

My eyes instantly fell on his member.

It was a shame I couldn't see what was going to pleasure me soon. His whole body was silhouetted.

"Come to the light." I requested.

"Why Tatia?" He teased.

It felt good but who was Tatia?

He came into the light and I gasped.

"Those starry eyes."

My eyes flickered.

Goodness, it was just a dream.

I got off my pelt and reimagined my sexual dream with the stranger.

It was weird because I rarely had dreams and when I did, they happened to be nightmares mostly about someone dying or demons haunting me.

My nipples hardened as I remembered how delicate his touch was. His voice...It was divine.

"Good morning." Someone said, bringing me back to reality.

Handsome stranger was standing right there leaning seductively by the edge of the door and worse, he was shirtless.

In a way, I got what I wanted. I saw the light.

"You're awake." I blurted.

"Yes. You must be the one who saved me." He said.

His voice was just the way it sounded in my daydream.

God! Was I losing it?

I took a seat back at my pelt knowing this was going to conversation was going to lead to small talk.

Where was father when you needed him?

He walked a bit closer to me and began.

"May I know your name?" He politely requested.

"Maisy Quinn," I replied, putting my hands over my breast to conceal the fact that they were standing erect and knowing he would see the effect he had on me just being so close.

"I'm Eric. Eric..."

"Clarke." I cut in.

"I see you know me." He beamed.

He had perfect white teeth that worsened my situation.

" I don't know you but my father knows your family...What they did."

Eric adjusted his posture, suddenly uncomfortable that I made such a remark about his family.

It proved father wasn't wrong.

"What happened to you?"I said, changing the conversation.

"I...was attacked by a wild animal." He replied.

"How's your wound?"

"Better." He thumped his chest proving he was another idiot that would cause themselves pain to prove Macho.

"I see you're awake." My father broke in on us.

"Yes. I just wanted to know where I was." Eric proclaimed, seeing how strangely my father studied him.

"Good. Let's talk." My father said and they both headed outside.

I exhaled heavily seeing Eric gone. I locked the door and collapsed back to my pelt.

That was the hottest yet awkward moment I had in my life.

Today was going to be a good day, I could almost taste it.



I lead the house outside. The splendor of the sun and the floral breeze that washed down on me, engulfing me in its essence calmed me down.

It was a struggle to act calm being so close to a Clarke.

"So..." I began, not even knowing where to start.

"I was thinking since you're Hale and healthy now, you can get going."

The boy was hardly disturbed by my decision but he didn't mean he agreed.

"I appreciate your hospitality but where I'm coming from is quite distant. Could I stay for a few more days?"

He asked politely, This was getting difficult.

I just felt like lashing out loud at him. I wanted to spit out what a bad person his kind was but I wasn't like them. There was this impression I was obsessed with achieving when I talked with him.

The had to be them.

I wanted to prove I was good and would always be better than a Clarke. If he wanted a few days more, I would gladly give it to him.

I mean, what harm could he cause in just a few days?

"Ok. You have three more days." I firmly stated.

"I appreciate your kind gesture." He said then turned to leave.

In my own house.

"Wait!" I stopped him, there was something I wanted to know, "You haven't told me your name or where you're from."

"I'm so sorry. I'm Eric, Eric Clarke and I come from Nodith." He answered.

"Your signet tells me you are noble blooded. Why would a Blueblood venture far from his home and all alone?"

I noticed how tense he became. He avoided my glare.

Now that was something I wanted to see.

"I'm looking for someone." He divulged.

I could tell he didn't want to disclose any further so I kept my thought to myself but I made a mental note to observe him more.

"I've been to Nodith once before. Who's your father?" I inquired, wanting to confirm my suspicion.

"The late King Richard Clarke." He replied.

Wait! Richard became king and he's dead.

I put that aside quickly. I had gotten what I wanted. He was Richard's son and a part of me knew this could be a no accident.

He was here for something.

Maisy joined in before I could ask any more questions.

"Father, I'm going to the river." She said.

"I would really need that." Eric chipped in, taking a sniff of his scent.

The bastard just wanted some alone time with Maisy. It was an uncomfortable moment for me and my "fatherly insecurities".

I couldn't follow Maisy to the river. She would feel I didn't trust her even if it was the boy I was worried about plus I had to get to the plains for my bet.

I convinced myself to let it go. I trusted Maisy.

"Ok but meet me at the desert plains after."

She nodded and headed off with the boy tagging along.




She didn't talk to me all the way to the river.

I was dying to start a conversation but I didn't want to come off as desperate even if I was.

"Stay here. I'll go for a dip first." She said, jerking me off my thoughts.

"Ok," I replied.

She left for the bright green waters at the distance.

I watched her strip down and when it got to her undergarments, she caught me staring.

I turned to give her the privacy she needed to get it all off.

My wolf took over for a split second and I tilted to where she was before.

She was gone.

My senses heightened and I could hear her heart thumping fast.

Probably the adrenaline from jumping into the cold water.

My legs lost control and I began to walk towards where I could sense her.

She gasped when she saw me.

"What are you doing here?" She demanded, cupping her breasts.

Her cheeks were red tomatoes and it made me smirk.

"I got tired waiting so I came here," I announced like an insensitive prick that I was.

"Well leave. I'm naked here." She panicked.

It was enjoyable, watching her struggle to cover up her exposed body.

She was beginning to shiver now.

"You look cold." I teased.

She gave me a disapproving stare and then she did the most daring thing I had ever seen a woman do.

She rushed out of the water and I saw fire.

No, I felt it. My face burned.

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