Why Mr CEO, Why Me
Why Mr CEO, Why Me
Author: Palika singh
1. Entering a new journey

Sidha Singh opened her eyes  in a strange room.She looked around her, the room was lit. Everything in that room has an expensive feel. She smiled as she was felt good, as if she had the best time of her life, realised that it’s not a dream. Not believing in what she just saw she closed her eyes and tried to wake herself up from this dream, but the pain in her body was telling her that this was not the dream but her reality. This time she woke up and tried to get up but her body was sore . She felt an urge to vomit and her head started aching.

she felt as if someone has beaten her head with a hammer .

It was like she dropped dead from the top of the 9th cloud

Sidha blamed on the last night’s drinks for that and tried to remember where she was and how she got into this situation .

She tried to sit down , because of that the blanket slipped and she realised she was naked under the duvet. A loud cry escaped from her mouth and she gasped .

Sidha was awake now, she grasped all her cloths as fast as she could and wore them in lightning speed.

After wearing cloths her cloths,  she ran out of the door with all her strength.  She wanted to be out of this place as soon as possible.

The pain in the lady part was clear enough that she lost what she treasured most in her life. As an Indian, she knew her life was over. She closed her eyes in the elevator; her Dadi’ s (grandmother) face came into her mind.

Her grand mother Shanti Devi was an old school lady. If her parents were conservative, she was still living in the 1980’s. Her Dadi’s word were ringing in her ears “I’m not letting you guys to send Sidha to an unknown country, she’ll only go over my dead body. What are you guys want to do? You are sending your own daughter to a dangerous world on her own, are you sure she's your own? Is she even your own daughter or not? If something happens to her I won’t spare you two. What if she gets into the wrong company and ruins herself, what will we do then? Who will take the responsibility? Wo abhi bachi hai apna bhala Burma nahin jantey per tum dono kyun nahin samajh rahey( She’s young, doesn’t know rights difference between right and wrong, but both of you are big enough to understand.”

“ Dadi theek kehti thee shuru sey, sab meri galti hai.” ( my grandmother was right fron the beginning, it's all my fault) she screamed on the top of her throat in the empty lift

Right now Sidha Singh was regretting all her decisions she took during these 4 years......

4 days ago .......

After coming out from the airport , Sidha Singh  looked around for the familiar face. As soon as she came near the curb someone hugged her from the back. It was none other than Sidha  Singh’s bestie Arushi sharma . “ At last you are here, how long I had to wait for this day.I missed you so much. “

Sidha Singh “ I missed you too Aru. I’m so happy that we are finally together . I worked really  hard for this day, I’m glad I’m here at last. Akhir kar main pahunch hi gayi tere pass .(at last I reached here)

They have known each other forever, their parents were neighbors , since kinderdarten to high school they went to same school and same class. In high school Arushi’s parents moved to australia so did Arushi . After that She started her engineering  degree in sydney, her parents had to move to states and she was left there to complete her degree. She was the main reason why Sidha Singh had come to this country.  She took all the baggage from Sidha Singh’s hand and directed her towards the car parked in the parking lot.

Sidha Singh finished her engineering last year and she also secured a job in a multi international company, but because Arushi sharma was begging her from last 5 years to join her and Sidha Singh’s family being a very conservative one rejected her request to join Arushi  in Australia to complete her bachelor degree.

After months of crying and days of hunger strikes the family came to truce only after agreeing  on the terms that she’ll only go to Australia if she gets into the top university of the city and completes her engineering with good grades.The conditions were not stopped there ,to make it more difficult for her, her older brother Arsh Singh added that she has to get a job during campus selection, Sidha Singh’s dad Ronit Singh knew her daughter’s capabilities so he added that she can only go if she wins a scholarship of the prestigious university in Sydney and on the top of that she won’t get a single penny from home for her own expenses .

Those 4 years were years from hell for Sidha Singh. She studied from one sunrise to another, when her classmates were having fun in movie theaters and shopping malls she was diligently taking professors notes and working in the lab.

During last year she was awarded as the department beauty but sidha was least bothered about this award . Her eye was on the bulletin board  displaying the list of companies coming for recruitment.

Meanwhile Arushi’s parents moved to states and left Arushi in sydney to finish her degree.After compliting her degree ,she got an intership in local comany. She applied for the same college were Sidha was applying and got in, but her classes started way ahead of Sidha’s as Sidha was an international student.

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