Why Mr CEO, Why Me

Why Mr CEO, Why Me

By:  Palika singh  Ongoing
Language: English
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She came to Australia from India to achieve her dreams, but an innocent visit to the notorious kings street in Sydney changed her life. From an international exchange student/intern (in a small local company) to Madam of Chen's family, one of the most powerful families in the world, her life took a 180-degree turn. She couldn’t believe how her fate got twisted this way with the most dangerous and noble man, who until now was resistant to the women. The key thing was that she was not very keen to the change her life like this. Even when she was rotten spoiled by him, she was still not ready to accept her identity as the wife of this ridiculously man.

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62 Chapters
1. Entering a new journey
Sidha Singh opened her eyes  in a strange room.She looked around her, the room was lit. Everything in that room has an expensive feel. She smiled as she was felt good, as if she had the best time of her life, realised that it’s not a dream. Not believing in what she just saw she closed her eyes and tried to wake herself up from this dream, but the pain in her body was telling her that this was not the dream but her reality. This time she woke up and tried to get up but her body was sore . She felt an urge to vomit and her head started aching.she felt as if someone has beaten her head with a hammer .It was like she dropped dead from the top of the 9th cloudSidha blamed on the last night’s drinks for that and tried to remember where she was and how she got into this situation .She tried to sit down , because of that the blanket slipped and she realised she was naked under the duvet. A loud cry escaped from her mouth and she gaspe
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2. The man she left behind was the man everyone fears..
Mr Chen Aryan  entered his suit to find it as chaotic  as he left it this morning.  The cushions from sofas were on the floor, the lamp from the coffee table was lying on the sofa . He had to leave early in the morning  to attend an important meeting, his main reason behind visiting Sydney was to sign this contract with Smith's . As he entered the bedroom the girl who warmed his bed till morning was missing . Last night's memory flooded in his mind , making his lower abdomen hard again which never happened before.This was new to him.  Last night was something, They didn't sleep untill the first light in the morning. He couldn't sleep at all as the meeting was scheduled on the same morning, not much time was left for him to sleep, so after having his shower , he wore one of the tailored suits from the wardrobe. Each of his suits were hand made and can cost someone their annual income. Before he was  leaving the room for the meeting ,he looked behi
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3. The day she landed.
It was her 4rth day in Sydney, and after only 4 days her whole life was tarnished. After getting out of the elevator she composed herself and went to the restroom in the reception area. She looked at her self in the floor to ceiling mirror.  Except her wrinkled cloths she was looking presentable. She went to the pharmacy nearest to the hotel. She had this habbit of keeping her phone all the time with her ,to see the schedules and goals she used to set for herself during her college days . She even used to sleep while holding her phone in her hand . That habbit really helped her today. Her bag was gone with all the other things but this morning when she woke up she found her phone was lying on the bedside table. She must have brought it with her when she went to the hotel room with that mystery man.  . She was glad that the first thing she did after coming to Australia was
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4.Roaming around the city like a tourist.
 Sidha was 168cm tall and had a amazing figure ,but because from last 4 years she was so much immersed in the studies, her wardrobe was full of baggy cloths,  so while roaming around they made a note to go for shopping next day.Arushi sharma already took a day off from work and had no class tomorrow , so they planned to go to the shopping mall in CBD. It was late in the night when she returned to her room. Every one was already in their beds . She came in, on her tiptoe washed and changed her cloths without making any sound. She was good at it because during her exams, her days and nights used to get mixed . She often used to take shower to give herself some break  after studying for long hours in the middle of the night. Which used to be 2 or 3 in the morning, so she had to be extra silent not to disturb her elderly  dadi, who used to sleep next door. No one in the ap
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5.The day when Sidha lost her most precious thing....
 In the afternoon Arushi took her for the shopping in the mall in Bondi junction,  she selected a dress for Sidha for the evening . When Sidha tried it , she felt her skin to be exposed more than she was comfortable with and changed her mind as soon as she stepped out of the changing room. She ran back to the changing room and came out wearing much modest dress but because she was a natural beauty , she looked as if she was one of the model from the catalog. As it started to get dark, they headed toward the famously infamous kings street.  The pubs on this street are of huge variety,  from invite only entry to the cheap one's.  This was the first time for Sidha to visit such place . She entered into one of the pubs with Arushi , she was excited and nervous about going to such place.  Arushi ordered drinks and instructed Sidha how to gulp her drink and then lick the salt and squeeze
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6.At last they meet ...
 Xu Gong:" what you did yesterday night? Never knew you were so poor in that department.Hahahaha...The so called God of sex  for whom  girls attempted suicide ,tried many hideous crimes just to climb into his bed , lost all his charms and sexual power in this foreign country. Nǐ zhēn de ràng wǒ shīwàngle   (Really you disappointed me really) . " The eyebrows of Mr Chen got  knitted and in deadly  icy cold voice he said to him " By the evening Your name will be on the newspaper  next to the name of XXX gang.  Gong b&ag
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7.why he wants me to resolve this scandal ???
  " why he wants to talk to me ,if he's powerful enough , that I'm sure he is,  he can solve the problem himself . Why he wants me to get involved with him in this, he should be glad that I don't want to do anything with him and want to disappear from his life. I'm sorry ,I don't think there is any need for me to go and entertain him" Ye Wang:" Miss you don't understand , he is a well know man in this country and his own country. In past ladies played many dirty tricks to get him to marry them.  To avoid any such possibility we want you to sign a statue declaration, stating you won't creat any sort of trouble for him in future.  If you really doesn't want to see him again them you shouldn't be hesitant to sign it." Sidha found it a reasonable request, but her heart was not yet ready to mee
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8.Can it get any more worst..
..Sidha tried everything she could to explain, but every thing was in pain , she was about to be charged for the crime of possessing and dealing with drugs.  She was smart enough to know the consequences of getting convicted.  Her career was over, she'll be deported to India,  but before that she has to complete the jail sentence of 2 years.How her mum dad gonna face the society.  The relatives won't let them live. She was in full panick mode. Suddenly someone  familiar entered the interrogation room. Officer:  " sergeant this is Mr Chen Aryan, the CEO of sheing corporation,  we got a call from the commissioner.  He gonna help us with this case. "  The officer took the sergeant out of the room and now Sidha was alone with Mr Chen Aryan.  He closed the distance between them . Mr Chen Aryan grabbed her both arms and pulled Sidha in his arms, because
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9.Who is this Mr Chen Aryan...
 "Awake?" She heard his clear and cold tone coming from the door forced her to rouse out of her half sleep state. She pulled herself in sitting position  and looked at that direction. She saw Mr Chen Aryan's silhouette appeared and disappeared from the door, before closing the door she heard him saying "  I'll give you 10 mins to fix yourself , we will be back after 10 minutes" . Automatically Sidha looked down at herself.  She was in mess . Her top buttons were undone ,because of which her collar bone and bra was visible. She got scared to her bones, and fixed her herself as quickly as possible.   Pervert!  , she thought .
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10. This was the time to remember what actually happened last night.
.. She was in her worst state after crying for so long,  suddenly she felt an arm behind her back and other  arm under her knees and with a swift moment he picked her up in his arms. Sidha looked up and saw a  gorgeous well proportional face. The warmth of his body was somehow soothing her hurt soul.she was drained out , all the rationalities had left her. Her brain was mushy and she was exhausted . She was half asleep when Mr Chen Aryan picked her up . Like a small child she rested her head on his chest. This time when she woke up  she was  again in a completely different room .She woke up because suddenly she felt she was abandoned, as if the warmth around her was gone .Looking outside she found  the sky was still dark and With  the silence around her sh
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