I am back

5 Years later

In a dark stinky room about 10 tall men wearing black suits were standing in a straight line while shivering with their heads hung down. The atmosphere of room was cold. Smell of blood was covering each corner of room.

A young lady with her legs crossed was comfortably sitting on a chair. She was siping red wine like as the smell didn't bother her. Well that's true she didn't bother with the smell because this was all normal to her.

A young man was kneeled in front of her. His dress and hair were disheaveled as if someone had been dragging him since years.

The young lady stretched her legs leisurely as a lazy kitten. Twirling her wine glass she stood up and walked towards the man. Within a blink of a high a heavy kick landed on his stomach. Blood start dripping from corners of his mouth.

A cold and bone piercing feminine voice rang in the dark room making others shudder in fear. "You have only 3 sec. Who send you here?"





"Yes Boss"

"Bring him to the alter and order all the members of organization to come there. They should know the punishment of being a mole".

" Okay Boss ". sweat was dripping from his forehead.

(Josh- assistant of young lady)

Issuing her order she walked out of the room like a queen. A dark and dangerous aura was sensed around her which warn every person not to come near her. Well she is actually the queen. The queen of underworld. Hearing her name everyone starts shivering. No organization dare to oppose her until they had a death wish.

After 45 minutes every member of organization gathered at alter and young man who was accused to be a mole was also present. The scene in front of him made him shudder in fear. Gulping his sliva he almost wet his pants.

" Bring the sword" the lady ordered and soon a large silver shiny sword was presented to her. She took the sword and played with the tip of it. "Hmm this will be fun" she said with an evil grin

She slowly reached to young man and without any warning 


His head was separated from his body and it rolled straight to young lady's feet. "Opss..!!! it just happened that the sword slipped off my hands well its getting boring let's have some fun. Mmm, let's play football". She laughed wickedly and start playing with human head as it was kinda football for her. After 5 minutes " Throw him to my buddies they must be hungry".

She fled away from their as if she was never present there. Everyone released there holding breaths. 'phew. If this goddess of hell were to stay here for one more minute I was going to die' Josh murmered in his breathe.

The young lady stopped in a dark thick forest and walked in lazily as if it was her home. By reaching in the middle of the forest she let out a loud laugh. Her laugh echoed in the forest.

For laughing 3 minutes she stopped. A hint of hatered flashed through her eyes. Her dark aura was suppressing the darkness of forest.

    " I am back. The Queen is back. Be ready for my wreath ".











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