Blue Moon Bed & Breakfast

Blue Moon Bed & Breakfast

By:  Klaira Blains  Completed
Language: English
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The Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast Inn is deep within the Canadian Shield in a small ski town called Evergreen Grove. Rumours have it that magical things happen at the Inn. With stories of a spirit of a lady in white and friendly staff that know exactly what you need before you even do. Maybe it's time for you to visit and see what happens when six people come to visit. The Germains are on a getaway in hopes to save their marriage. Greta Johansen is there scouting out for a ghost hunting television show. April Klein is a friend of the owner Gabriella St. James and an art influencer looking for something new. Daniel Davis is a painter in desperate need of some inspiration. Eric Devlin is a mystery man. He pays in cash and is clearly hiding from something. So come book yourself into the Blue Moon and see what happens from Jody Samuel's eyes the front desk clerk. With curses and blessings on this holiday at the Blue Moon, everyone is in for a surprise or two. Just ask the Boggart that lives in the pantry. Cover made by Getcovers.

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Marilyn Roman
Such a different story
2021-07-08 02:58:31
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Jazsime Angeles
I love the way you tell us about all the different people that are going to be in the book. I like how each chapter is about one set of characters and how they are part of the whole tapestry of the story. Love that there's a Boggart in your book, they really are very mischievous but don't mean harm.
2021-04-03 18:30:46
user avatar
Hello, so I just finish the 1st chapter, honestly, I think you introduced too many characters in the first chapter, why don't you focus on the MC and the husband and wife first. You can introduce the other staffs later when they play a role in the chapter. Good luck!
2021-02-16 17:44:46
83 Chapters
Welcome to the Blue Moon
Chapter One—Welcome to the Blue MoonJody settled down with a large hot chocolate and smiled at the snowfall from the Blue Moon’s front doors.  Snow would not stop the people coming to the Blue Moon.  Even without the skiing and other winter activities, they would be full.  Here was where people came when they needed to escape their lives. They always found something at the Blue Moon that they needed. Smiling, she listened to Gabriella, the owner, flutter almost
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The Arrivals Begin
With the Germain’s, now interested in doing something together.  Jody went on with her day.    Gabriella was in her office organizing the bookkeeping paperwork to go offsite for completion. With the inability to use computers reliably. This was necessary.  Three hours later, the first of their new guests appeared in a flurry of snowflakes as the main doors opened and shut behind them. A young man st
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Deals and Demands
 “I guess I better warn Gabby about this. I think she thought it wouldn’t be an issue
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Machinations and Spirit Links
It took Donny a few strides to get to the front desk. Where 
Read more Protection Status